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My Top 10 Posts of 2009

Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a great night last night! My favourite new year's were actually when the kids were little and my husband was on call. Because he could be called in, we didn't go to any parties. We just sat at home, after the kids were in bed, and talked and watched movies. It was peaceful.

Last night wasn't bad, either. My kids are now at the age when they want to have friends over, so we had a whole pile of girls playing and giggling. It was good.

But now that 2010 is upon us, I thought I'd take a look back at 2009. And so I looked through the blog, and pulled out my 10 favourite posts. I tried to pick ones that showed different aspects of my philosophy on life, and I hope you enjoy them!

Here they are:

10. Really, Really Crappy Parenting Advice. This post sums up well my philosophy on parenting!
9. A Sign of Good Parenting. Having trouble thinking up good consequences to discipline your teen? Look no further!

8. Do You Struggle with Your Calling? Finding peace in the middle of daily life.

7. Sheltering is Not a Bad Word. A response to other posts I wrote on television. The beginning may focus a lot on homeschooling, but read to the end!

6. Wifey Wednesday: What Lens Do You See Your Husband Through? I love Wifey Wednesdays, and I'm so glad that many of you are writing your own Wifey Wednesday posts, too! This particular one I really liked. Hope you will, too!

5. Stay at Home Moms are Busy, Too. Sometimes I just have to rant.

4. Wifey Wednesday: How to Awaken Love. A short post that explains what to do if sex is not that appealing, awfully problematic, and full of tension for you!

3. My Thread on Extracurricular Activities. It was an interesting debate, that started here, and then had follow up posts here and here, building on what I wrote and the great conversation in the comments!

2. Remembering...This was a tough call. This was definitely my favourite post of the year, but the one I ranked #1 I think meant more to the "To Love, Honor and Vacuum" community (meaning you guys). But in this post I tell the story of my son's brief life. There's details in there I haven't shared publicly before, even stuff I didn't remember until I started typing it, on the thirteenth anniversary of his death. If you want to know my heart, you have to read this one.

1. And here it is: My favourite post from 2009! It was a recent Wifey Wednesday: Doormats or Wives? What a great discussion in the comments, and in the follow-up post here. This best encapsulates my philosophy from my book, To Love, Honor and Vacuum, too, which is probably why I like it so much!

Honorable Mention:

I didn't say much in this post, but I asked readers "what do you feel guilty about?". Some of the comments are pretty funny!

Thanks for reading with me in 2009! I hope 2010 is going to be even better! It's interesting looking at the stats for the last few months. A bunch of you are starting to comment so much more, and I feel like I'm getting to know many of you. That's great. I hope that we can grow this into a real community this year!

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To Love, Honor and Vacuum



At 7:20 PM , Blogger Shana said…

I can't wait to go back and read all of these. I have loved looking through your blog and am truly gleaning so much for my daily life as a Christian stay at home mom and wife. I actually read your post the other day to my husband and he was like Man, that makes so much sense. I want to thank you for your voice in a sometimes too noisy world. One day I will have your book. God Bless You!


At 12:13 AM , Anonymous Jen@balancing beauty and bedlam said…

So glad you highlighted these, can't wait to go back and catch up. :)


At 1:46 PM , Blogger Tami said…

I'm fairly new to your blog...found you over the holidays and enjoyed some of your blog radio spots when I was able to hop on. So...I loved being able to catch up by reading through your list. Printed the one about teens to share with hubby...this should make for some good conversation this weekend!

I'm also supposed to be writing my key note presentation to inspire our consultant leaders base for 2010 (it's next weekend..should be writing that now...not reading! )...found your post on calling to have some great tid bits. I'll be sharing your blog address in my presentation. I'm also going to pass your info on to our field development manager to add to her file of 'speakers of interest' for future conferences.

Looking forward to visiting more in 2010.

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