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Friendly Weekly Menu Plan
Menu Planning Monday; Easy Week

I have a busy week ahead of me, so this week I am doing only really easy meals!

My daughters are in the Rotary Piano Festival this week, and they perform five times. Plus my nephew is starting homeschooling at our house today (more on that later!). And I'm away this weekend speaking at a women's retreat, so I have to get ready.

So here goes for the food:

Monday: Alaskan Salmon Soup. The kids aren't that fond of salmon. Neither is my husband. But I have some cooked salmon in the freezer, and I have some canned salmon that I have to use up, and this soup looks yummy. Lots of corn & carrots with a creamy potato base. So I'll make it with some homemade bread, and hopefully they won't have too hard a time with it!

Tuesday: Spicy Lemon Chicken. Again, an easy crockpot recipe. Just put the chicken in with some lemon juice and water and a few spices, and let it cook. I always have difficulty in that my crockpot chicken turns out tough, so this time I'm going to cut it up into smaller portions and then cook it for not quite as long and see if that helps.

Wednesday: Shredded Beef Sandwiches. I love this recipe! Just throw a roast in the crockpot with homemade barbecue sauce, and then it rips apart when it's cooked. It's great on kaisers! Top it with some red & green peppers and some lettuce, and you've got a meal.

Thursday: Chinese Chicken with Garlic Ginger Sauce. I wrote about this recipe down below, but what I really love is how simple it is. I've decided that since I had forgotten about this recipe, maybe from now on I'll do each Menu Planning Monday out of a different cookbook and see if there are other recipes I've forgotten about!

Friday: Hamburger Helper leftovers. I made double a few weeks ago and froze them, so Keith and the girls can eat this while I'm away speaking.

Saturday: Asian Chicken Thigh leftovers. Same thing. They're in the freezer for when I'm away!

Sunday: Pork in mushroom sauce. I have some quick fry pork loin chops, that are really thin, and I love making them this way. Coat them in flour and a steak rub spice mix, and brown in a frying pan. Add cream of mushroom soup and a bit of milk, and throw in some sliced mushrooms, and then just simmer for ten minutes until it's cooked. It tastes a lot more interesting than just plain cream of mushroom soup, and the sauce is really good on rice. You can have dinner ready in 25 minutes.

Okay, that's it! Here's hoping I stick to it!

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At 9:13 AM , Anonymous Zoe said…

I was just commenting on someone else's menu plan how my family don't like salmon either. That soup sounds fantastic though.


At 9:43 AM , Blogger Sandy said…

Hi Sheila! sounds like a busy week, but some yummy meals planned! Happy Monday!


At 12:42 PM , Blogger Crystal said…

I use frozen chicken breasts in the crock pot on low all day and the chicken ends up very moist and tender. Perhaps the water from them being frozen helps, I don't know. Just thought I would throw that out there in case it was of help to you with your chicken meal this week. I really enjoy your blog and read it with great regularity. I just entered the blogging world recently and yours is one I check daily. Thanks for your words of inspiration and great tips!


At 3:06 AM , Blogger Org Junkie said…

My daughter begins piano festival this weekend as well. She has three pieces to do.

Have a great week Sheila!

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