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Works for Me Wednesday: Organizing the Freezer

Over at Rocks in My Dryer, the Works for Me Wednesday theme is your kitchen. So I thought I'd reprint a post from last spring on what I did with my freezer!

My freezer was terrible. My 13-year-old was constantly complaining about it (she's usually the impetus for me cleaning things), and yesterday I decided I had better do something about it. She was also tired of getting beaned on the head every time she opened the freezer door.

Here's how it started:

I keep all my leftovers in my kitchen freezer--my little bits of chicken leftover from a roast that I can make into a soup, soups to have for lunch, etc. etc. But I can never find them. So they don't get used.

And all those frozen vegetable bags don't stack properly.

So I labelled all my little plastic containers so it's easier to see what's in them. And I emptied my frozen vegetables into Tupperware containers, too (thus cleaning out my tupperware cupboard at the same time), so that they are now stackable. Of course, in the process I dumped half a bag of corn all over my kitchen floor, but we won't talk about that.

Anyway, this is the end result:

Next, I made a list of everything that is in the freezer and put it on the side of the fridge door. Whenever something comes out, it gets crossed off of the list. This way I know what's in there and I'm more likely to use it!

I feel much better about my freezer now. And much more organized. Now if I can just get someone to do my garage...

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At 9:40 AM , Blogger Joy said…

What a great tips!!!! I might try this!! Thanks heaps..
I've done mine
Juts a little effort.... have a nice day!!


At 11:26 AM , Blogger P.S. He loves you... said…

very nice...could you come do mine?



At 3:50 PM , Blogger Nikki said…

I love the idea of keeping a list of what is in your freezer. I may start doing that.


At 4:05 PM , Blogger Sisters Savings said…

This is a great idea! That is a key to having a lot of back-up...knowing what you have! I need to start a "freezer list"!


At 10:22 PM , Blogger flowerpot said…

I don't think I have ever called a freezer "cute" before, but I'll have to call yours cute! I'm inspired...


At 2:59 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said…

Ok - I'm dumb. I never thought of using Tupperware for food other than leftovers. I have an unruly pile of Tupperwarde and frozen veggies that have a meeting in their near future, Thanks for sharing this. :-)

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