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Works for Me Wednesday: Unfinished Craft Projects

They say that guilt is women's number one emotion. At any particular time, we're feeling guilty about at least two things. And if you're not feeling guilty right now, if you thought about it for a while, you could talk yourself into it.

Some of those things are serious. We feel guilty for not exercising. We feel guilty for not eating right, praying enough with our kids, cleaning more.

But some are more frivolous. For instance, do you have a closet in your house where you place all your unfinished craft projects? My house is filled with UFOs. My mother says that she's leaving me hers in her will. We have them everywhere. We spent all that money on scrapbooking supplies, and then we've done so little with it. We started that needlepoint for the baby's nursery, and the baby is now 11. We started that quilt, and now we have basting all over the place and it looks ridiculous.

So we feel like we can never follow through.

I used to do that. I started every new craft under the sun. I made soap. I sewed. I painted, stained, and stencilled. I made cards. I wove.

And then I realized something. I don't actually like doing very many of those things. I really don't. What I do like doing is knitting. And so I have decided to do one craft for the rest of my life, and only one. I may occasionally choose a one day project, like making soap, that I can do with my kids, but on the whole, I will not feel guilty about not quilting. I will not beat myself up for not painting my old piano in interesting ways. I will not feel guilty about not refinishing my coffee table.

Because I knit awesome socks. And you should see the sweaters I make!

That colourful one I made when I was 19. It's got a little out of style, so since that picture I remodelled it and made it into a cardigan. It's nice.

Of course, I still have lots of unfinished projects. They're just all knitting. But I know I'll get to them sometime, because I really enjoy them.

So I don't think there's anything wrong with finding one craft that you really like, and concentrating on it. And all those other things you started, but never finished? Give them to someone who actually likes that sort of stuff and get them out of the house! You'll feel a lot better.

Thanks for stopping by! Why not stay and look around a bit? I've got posts on marriage, motherhood, why boys blow up stuff in microwaves, and more!

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At 12:14 PM , Blogger Jane Anne said…

Wow- that's something I need to think about. Do I not finish so many things I start because I don't really enjoy them? Thanks for the reminder not to let myself get caught in needless guilt.

My latest post: Deceived by Complacency


At 5:02 PM , Blogger Becky said…

Those are great ideas. Most of my unfinished projects I'm keeping because I want to finish them. And I will! My goal for the 2009 is to make progress on that, and I am. But you've inspired me to not feel guilty about getting rid of things I don't want to finish.


At 1:43 PM , Blogger Aunt LoLo said…'re a smart cookie! I've got so many UFOs around, it's like Area 51!


At 9:02 PM , Blogger Sharon said…

Great advice. As I clean out each hiding place with UFO's I'll have to ask myself why it's been left unfinished.

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