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Complaint Free Week: The Wrap Up
Last week was complaint free week at this blog! If you didn't join in, you can start again! Just go to this first post, and follow the posts for the week. It really will make a difference in your life!

I'd love it if people could share what they experienced when they tried to stop complaining and show gratitude instead.

I think the big thing I noticed is that it's hard to identify complaining. I know that I can be negative, but it's easy to couch that negativity in other terms. Oh, I'm just offering constructive criticism. Or I'm just sharing something I'm struggling with with a friend of mine. Or I'm just trying to correct my child and point him or her on the right road.

We can justify just about anything.

Now some of those things are perfectly legitimate. It's good to discipline children. It's good to share our struggles with one or two close friends. Quite often, though, we do these things when we don't need to because we want the attention, or we want to be seen as "the good ones" while everyone else is wrong. It's the motivation that's the issue.

And what I found last week is that I don't always have the right motivation in my interactions. Even if I'm trying to stop from complaining, I often substitute other things for it. And what I need to do instead is to "take every thought captive" to God, and really exercise gratitude and grace.

It was a good exercise, and one I'd like to continue. What about you? Have you tried to stop complaining for a week? And what happened? I'd love to know!

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To Love, Honor and Vacuum



At 10:44 AM , Blogger Ann-Marie said…

I did it for a week, or shall I say I tried--there were moments that I slipped up but God totally reminded me a few times and I instantly shut my mouth.
I heard this weekend that apparently there are bracelets you can get that remind you not to complain--like the "FROG" or "Live Strong" bracelets...


At 10:49 AM , Blogger Ann-Marie said…

I found some links: Here is a link to the Church that started the bracelets:

Their site for the bracelets:


At 11:17 AM , Anonymous Kristin Dennis said…

This challenge was great and difficult! I found that I talked a lot less! LOL I gave more thought to what I was about to say and when I realized it was negative or a complaint I would just not say it! If definitely was an eye-opener and made me more aware of what words are coming out of my mouth and my whole overall attitude. This has permanently changed my outlook on myself and life. I pray to become a more positive and grateful person, but most importantly to verbalize that positivity and gratitude!

Thank you for this! Many Blessings!

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