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Works for Me Wednesday: Getting Laundry Under Control
Today I want to talk about the never ending task of laundry.

A few years ago I was reading the Little House on the Prairie series out loud to my kids, and I was so impressed by how organized Ma was. She had a day for laundry, a day for baking, a day for ironing, a day for cleaning. Each day had its work, and each work had its day.

Of course, in those days laundry would take all day, and hence the emphasis on it.

I tried that for a while, and it simply didn't work in a modern context. First, I hated to see laundry build up over the week, but more importantly, I hated to do all that folding at one time, and I found that it just sat on my bedroom floor.

I've had other laundry mentors, too. My aunt used to do laundry every day, but she never ever folded it. All laundry would be placed on the guest bedroom, and if you needed something, you went and fetched it. Again, not my cup of tea. What if you actually had a guest? And then nothing stayed wrinkle free.

So I came up with my own laundry method. Every morning I put a load on, right after I get out of the shower and get dressed (I want to make sure I get most of the hot water for my shower!). Without fail, a load of laundry gets done every day. And then--I know this sounds radical--I fold it immediately. When it's done, I carry it downstairs where I'm homeschooling, and I fold it there. It's not hard to fold one load of laundry. It is a pain to fold four.

Once the laundry is folded, I put it in piles by person on the stairs, and each person puts their own pile away.

Socks are a different story. If I can't find an immediate match, they go in a box. Then, once a week, one of the girls has the delightful chore of going through the sock box and trying to make matches. They started when they were four. It was a fun task in mathematics and colour recognition. So they can certainly do it when they're 14 and 11.

For years I tried not to iron, but I've just realized that I like things ironed. So ironing is the one thing that does have its own day. Every Tuesday I iron (and every Wednesday I change the sheets, and every Thursday I mop, etc.). It's not fun, but it gets done. And my 11-year-old absolutely LOVES ironing napkins. So she gets all of those.

My daughters each also have their own day to do laundry and fold it, as part of their chores. So two days a week I do not have to do laundry. It's bliss.

Now for some more nitty gritty about laundry. I wash almost all my shirts, including good T-shirts, on delicate. It keeps them for longer, and they don't pill as quickly. If they're heavily stained, obviously, they go into regular wash. But most tops aren't stained; we just want them freshened up. So delicate is the way to go!

And never, ever put bras in the dryer. It wrecks the elastic and the clasps. If you want them to last long, dry them by hanging them in the bathroom or laundry room. Sure the males in your household may be grossed out. But bras are expensive, and we want them to last!

One more thing, and this is more radical. I don't use fabric softener. We have one of those dryer balls that softens clothes as they get tossed around, and I figure that's good enough. Fabric softener costs a lot, and we have such sensitive skin that it can give me a rash. In the summer I use it if I'm going to hang the clothes on the line, but in general, no fabric softener.

So what about you? Any laundry tips?

Thanks for stopping by! I have tons of articles on marriage and parenting, too, so why not stay a while?

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At 2:16 PM , Blogger Nancy said…

After I had my fourth child, I seemed to be overwhelmed with laundry. I now have a centralized location for dirty laundry. I have taught my children how to sort so when they take their clothes off at night, they know in which container each piece goes. Even the four-year old does a pretty good job. I do at least one load a day; the fullest container is the choice for the day. This is what "works for me".


At 2:41 PM , Blogger Sarah DeVries said…

It sounds like you really have it together for laundry! If you have tips for the odd-sock quandary, please share. I posted a mini-saga a couple of weeks ago about this very issue: :)


At 4:13 PM , Blogger Kimberly said…

I do 4-6 loads of laundry each day, I had my sweet husband install a folding shelf above my washer and dryer. On good days I fold,sort and put away each load as it is done. On a bad day like today when my 3 year old is sick, and my 15 month old is teething, i fold and sort it on the shelf and let the big kids put it away.

With 10 in our home i usually do 1-2 loads of towels, jeans, lights , darks, bedding from someone each day. I try to always keep it up, because if i fall behind heaven help me.


At 7:11 PM , Blogger Mrs. Querido said…

What a great idea about the sock sorting! I am going to institute that in my household!


At 10:19 PM , Blogger Dena said…

When my twin daughters lived at home, it was hard to keep their clothes separated on laundry day since they wore the same size, so I assigned each person in the house a laundry day (DD #1-Mon,DD#2-Tues, Towels-Wed, Son-Thurs, Hubby & Myself-Fri, Towels & Sheets-Sat). The girls are gone to college, but son and hubby wear the same size, so it still helps to keep days separate.


At 3:42 AM , Blogger Kathy said…

For fabric softener I use a Tablespoon of white vinegar and a few drops of essential oil (tea tree at the moment). Vinegar is good at getting rid of any leftover soap scum and it actually does soften the clothes really well! And I promise it doesn't smell like vinegar, even without the essential oil :)


At 10:43 AM , Blogger Bobble said…

Laundry is one of the household chores that I actually like doing, however, I don't think I would like doing it every day. Monday is my laundry day unless things really pile up for some reason, and Saturday (when I change the beds) is the day for sheets. I want to do towels on Saturday too, but they usually just get done whenever.

Towels must be used 3 or 4 times before being put in the hamper at our house; they are hung up to dry after each use. And I wash clothes when they're dirty or smelly, not necessarily every time they've been worn.

Tuesday is my ironing day, but it often gets put off——sometimes for more than a week (shame on me!) until my husband needs a white shirt or something else. But when I do iron, I love listening to podcasts——sometimes Focus on the Family or even Sheila Wray Gregoire! ;-)

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