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Every now and then I want to just vent on this blog.

And so today I shall vent about long pants.

A while ago I took a bunch of pants to the seamstress to have them hemmed. She pinned them up, and I looked down and thought she had done nothing. You see, I use the word "up" loosely. They weren't pinned up at all. They were still almost touching the ground.

And I asked, shouldn't those be higher? And she looked at me like I was from Mars. "Oh, no. You want them resting on the top of the toe, so that if you wear heels they elongate your leg." Of course they do. We wouldn't want to have stubby legs, after all.

Somehow, without me noticing it, over the last few years fashion has changed, so that pants are now supposed to represent a serious health hazard and a serious dirt hazard.

You see, pants hemmed that high may look great that way if you're wearing heels, but if you're not, they look ridiculous. And the bottoms get horrendously dirty outside, especially if you live in a slushy climate like mine.

To make it worse, when you come inside, if you take your shoes off altogether you're walking on your pants all day. I think this is a problem, but I seem to be the only one because everyone is still hemming their pants so long.

I think we need to start a reverse fashion trend and start hemming them up just an inch or two higher. It doesn't need to be drastic; it just needs to be high enough that we don't kill ourselves tripping. Is that so much to ask?

What do you think?

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At 4:13 PM , Anonymous Rebecca said…

It's so hilariously true! How many of us wear heels all day every day anyways?


At 6:01 PM , Blogger Joanna J. said…

If only I had that problem. My legs are incredibly long, so I can never find pants long enough to touch the top of my foot!


At 6:45 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said…

It is not just womens pants. My husband has the same problem. We are forever replacing his pants because they drag on the ground. He works in NYC and walks a lot to get from place to place, and they get dirty and torn.


At 6:46 PM , Blogger Sandra said…

I'll have to agree with Joanna. I am moderately tall. Even if I get pants long enough, they usually draw up, and I feel like I'm expecting a flood or something! It's a lot easier to take them up than it is to make them longer!


At 12:08 AM , Blogger OhLookADuck said…

I love this post! I just found out about the long pants issue when my 21 year old daughter came over and was in a total state because her pants weren't quite dragging the ground.

I wondered the same thing--dirt, fraying, etc. but apparently I'm so far out of touch I'm scary.

However, my same daughter on that same day turned pale when she heard us discussing the Middle Ages and she realized that if she'd been raised in the Middle Ages she'd have had to do dishes without rubber gloves. So much for her credibility. I say that gives is the right to raise the hems on our pants.


At 7:44 AM , Blogger Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said…

I love this post! I have to wear flats for health reasons so very often I step on my pants all day- which I think is as much of a fall hazard as wearing stilettos LOL


At 8:05 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said…

As a very petite person (5' 1 1/2"), I used to be able to buy a certain brand of jeans in petite and they would actually FIT. Now every single pair of pants has to be hemmed. It's annoying and expensive. And I'm cheap! I agree totally with you.


At 9:44 AM , Blogger Mrs W said…

Haha I fixed the pants problem. I don't wear pants, just skirts and dresses. Don't think it's wrong to wear pants, I just don't because I feel more feminine in skirts and dresses. Anyhow that is a solution. HAHA.

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