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It is Rotary Piano Festival week at my house, which means that daughter #1 is competing with two songs, and daughter #2 competing with 3. It is tense!

My kids are both very musical, and since we homeschool, I really push music because it's such a practical gift that you can use for God. Both my kids are almost at the point when they can play in a praise band, and I think they'll both be wonderful one day. My younger daughter has a great ear. She can play anything after she's heard it once, and is constantly sitting down and plucking out the soundtracks from movies. She's not so great at reading music.

My older daughter is probably the better technical player, though her ear isn't as good. But they both sound heavenly.

I just find competitions so stressful! They usually do very well (especially my older daughter), but it's still a busy time in our house.

I know some parents don't like competitions. They don't want to make music into this chore or into something that can be a source of humiliation! But I think of it as training for when they have to play in public and accompany others.

I find myself, before the competition, praying that God will give confidence and reassurance to those who need it who will be using these gifts for Him. I don't like to pray that my child will win, because what if another child needs it more? I do like praying that they will feel as if they have done their best, which is all we really want. But it is such a boost to do well, and my kids have really felt that in the past.

Tonight my younger daughter played a duet with a friend (another Christian). They're both 10. The other players were in the 13-15 range. And Katie and Maggie won! They were thrilled, and so was I. But it's also nice to realize, watching them up there, that one day soon both Katie and her friend will be good enough to play at their respective churches and lead people in worship. Isn't that what it's all about?

But I still have butterflies in my stomach for tomorrow...

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At 10:45 PM , Anonymous Heather said…

Tell the girls I send my love and wish them the best tomorrow! :)


At 7:19 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said…

I'll be praying for your peace and theirs. Good luck today!

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