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My Daughter's Growing Up!
I just returned from the hair salon where my 13-year-old got highlights and had her hair straightened. She looks like a million bucks.

I was going to post a photo but she looks too good. I'm a little nervous about it being out on the web!

I can't believe how much she has grown up in the past six months. She's really not a little girl anymore. Our deal at the beauty salon was that she had to pay half for highlights. I would pay for all her haircuts, but anything extra is hers to bear. She baby-sits now, so it's her issue. But I paid half for the first time.

She looked so good she was dancing all the way to the car.

It's strange getting used to having a teenager in the house. She sleeps a lot. She does get a little moody, though not as much as last year.

But she's a really good kid. I was terrible to my mother when I was 13 and 14, but she really isn't. We get along so well.

I've always heard that the teenage years are horrible and you just have to "get through them". But so far that hasn't been my experience. Someone told me six years ago that he loved his kids when they were teens. They were raised well, they were wise, and they didn't rebel. They became good confidantes, though you still had the authority.

I hope and pray that's what I'll continue to experience with Rebecca. But that's what I believe: the teen years don't have to be awful. We're a close family. We homeschool. We do a lot together. Why shouldn't we get along as she grows up?

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At 6:21 PM , Blogger Beautiful Stranger said…

That's what my mom used to do with our hair too... we had to pay for highlights, and I got a perm once that I had to pay for too, but haircuts she obviously paid for... it worked well! :)

When I was a teen, I was horrible to my parents at times, but we got along most of the time... and now we get along famously! I'm glad that you and Becca get along well :)


At 7:41 PM , Blogger Vid Digger said…

My daughter loves highlights, and my son to. GREEN!

Maybe he's trying to tell me something. He does love his dinosaurs.


At 7:57 PM , Blogger Jenni said…

Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I so very rarely get visitors because I am such a newbie to the whole blog

As for us finishing the projects we started, I have no choice. My husband is one of those guys who CANNOT sit still if there is something to be done! But I love him anyway...and he loves me in spite of my ability to sit still when there are things to be done. We complement each other!

My sister and I got along with my mother just fine when we were teens. I lived at home until I was married at age 21. My mom never expected the teenage angst, she expected us to be mature young adults. And I think her expectation contributed to our good behavior. She got what she expected :)
With my children, I expect them to treat us and each other with respect. The majority of the time, I get that in return. So, I believe that my children will not be holy terrors when they are teens. I'm not going to tolerate it. Society has let teenagers and toddlers get away with so much in the way of rebellion. We excuse inexcusable behavior far too much now days.
You have every right to expect that your daughter will maintain a good relationship with you. You have built a great foundation for that relationship to stand on.




At 8:17 PM , Blogger Terry said…

I get along quite well with my 13-year-old as well.


At 8:38 AM , Blogger Jennifer said…

Couldn't help but voice out on this one. I have almost 3 teenagers (one is 12) in my home right now. I believe a lot of it has to do with how God wired them (and how God has wired me as far as how I deal with them). One of my teenagers is a joy to be around, he/she helps me out without me having to ask, he/she loves to talk to me, he/she is very mature for his/her age. Another one of my teenagers, to the outside world is a great kid (we hear that constantly - that we must be doing something right) at home about 70% of the time it is a whole different story. It is a constant struggle to get him/her to obey and follow the house rules. I feel like he/she doesn't show proper respect, not as much verbally (however at times he/she is pretty vocal) but by just repeatedly doing things we have asked him/her not to do. The third teenager has so much drama that it is constantly a roller coaster around him/her. (and yet I am often told that he/she is such a funny boy/girl and fun to be around, straight A student, etc) I know that I have good kids (they all have committed themselves to Christ and they know what is right and what is not) but I would be careful to say that a "good" kid is because of good parenting. I really feel that some kids are meant to be rebels (like it is the only way they will learn some life lessons). That is how they are wired and God will teach those kids things that "good" kids will never fully understand.
I can relate to having days that I feel "just a few more years and then he/she will see if the real world is all it's cracked up to be and he/she will see that we aren't as terrible as he/she thinks we are". And yet I never want him/her to leave home because I will miss him/her terribly!
I do expect my kids to be respectful to me and to each other and they know it. I don't tolerate bad behavior and there are consequences for it when it occurs. It is just to some strong-willed kids they would rather take their chances with the consequences because they live in the moment.


At 10:42 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said…

I am a homeschooling mom of five girls (ages 3-15). Knowing that we have two teenage girls and one "almost" makes most people wince. WE however are not teenage girls are great! We do not have sullen, rebellious teenagers...even at THAT time of the month!! And, I agree that the parenting is key...not that we are perfect parents..far from it...but we have RELATIONSHIP with our girls. That relationship has nothing to do with how they are wired, it has to do with the price my husband and I have paid to acquire it. That price has been everything from a second income to discussions with a child until 2:30 am. I do NOT think I have it all wrapped up, nor do I think I'm an expert...believe me I am FULLY aware of my shortcomings (especially as a mom)...but I do think I have genuine relationships with each of my kids and I do believe that makes all the difference.


At 11:09 AM , Blogger Greg said…

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Gregory E. Lang
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