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Tackle it Tuesday--Taxes

So today I am not doing a big manual tackle because I am feeling sorry for myself. I got stitches and my finger is out of commission.

But there is something I need to do.

Notice something wrong there? It is not March 23 anymore. Which means I am late.

I also have another one:

The green one was due March 15. So it seems to me I'm late on our payroll deductions and my sales tax for the books and CDs I sell at the talks I give.

And that's not all! I have six cheques waiting to be deposited (which is infinitely better than paying taxes), and new Visa cards waiting at the bank for us to pick up.

I don't know why getting to the bank is such a hassle, but it is. Stuff piles up. And I try to ignore it as long as I can. I put it in my file of things "To Do", that also has stuff in there about choosing cloth diapers (Katie has been out of diapers for 8 years now). Anyway, I really better take care of this before the government notices.

So I shall head off to the bank and try not to think about my poor finger. Have a good Tuesday!



At 9:21 AM , Blogger Rick Rack Attack said…

Hope your finger feels better! I am also tackling taxes this week. Uggh!

Stop on by anytime. I'll make you a glass of iced tea. Confessions of an Apron Queen:


At 10:24 AM , Blogger Ashley said…

I completely understand! I hate those "to do" things that have dates on them... especially when the dates have past! Hope the finger is better. You've done more than me today! See my post! Happy TT!


At 10:49 AM , Blogger Summer in FL said…

First let me say I love your blog design. Secondly, I completely understand. Why is it that I can NEVER make it by the bank. It's that last thing on my list of "things to do", but the first thing that needs to be done, especially when there's money to deposit! Sorry about your finger. And I hope you're able to get everything accomplish or TACKLED, as we say!


At 11:00 AM , Blogger Karen (Pediascribe) said…

Ick. Hope your finger heals fast!

Good luck on your tackles. You'll be so pleased when they are done!

Btw, I just have to say, I LOVE your blog name and your tag line! :)


At 11:22 AM , Blogger Mostly Precious Moments said…

Hi Sheila, it's Heather from Family Camp! How are you? I found a link to your site off of Rocks in my Dryer (which I love!)... small online world!! I'm sorry to hear about your finger... hope things get better for you! Say hi to the girls and Keith for me!! <3 xoxo


At 12:01 PM , Anonymous We are THAT family said…

You better get busy girl! If you need help with those checks, just let me know.


At 1:04 PM , Blogger SmartyPantsMama - Caroline said…

Thanks for the reminder! I did my taxes but just haven't sent it in! I'm adding this to my tackle today!!!


At 5:27 PM , Blogger christinemm said…

Thanks for reading my blog and leaving so many nice and good comments lately!!

Have a great day.

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