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So I took the test that's been going around the mom blogs! 101 words! Not so bad.

When I was 18 I tried to get a job as a secretary through a temp agency for the summer during university. Most of the temp agencies loved me because I clocked in at about 115 words per minute (I guess age is slowing me down). But one wouldn't hire me because my error rate was too high. They demanded a speed of 60 words per minute with no more than 2% errors. Well, my speed was 115, and my errors took me down to 102 words per minute. But the error rate killed me.

I looked at them like they had horns. "You know," I said, "There is such a thing as a backspace key on these newfangled computer thingies that I'll be using. And your test didn't let me use the backspace key."

No go.

Another temp agency got me a job for $15 an hour that lasted all summer. I called Kelly's, the one who didn't hire me, and told them with a little bit of triumph in my voice.

There, that's my only typing story. Anyone else got one?


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