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No Bunny Ever Rose from the Dead, But Somebody Did!
Every dead bunny has always stayed dead.

But Jesus is risen. He is risen indeed! Alleluia.

So we don't think these

have anything to do with this.

Which is why the kids didn't get any chocolate eggs or bunnies from us today.

Instead, we are heading out to Wal-Mart when they're all on half-price starting tomorrow! The girls are excited.

But today was all about Him, as it should be.

I know chocolate eggs are fun, and I'm not saying they're bad or wrong or anything. We've just gone out of our way to separate them from the religious aspect of the holiday. And the kids still get them, and they're still excited. But they're cheaper, so everybody wins!

I hope you all had a great day!

Happy Easter!



At 10:05 PM , Blogger Jennifer said…

This is our 3rd Easter without my Mother-in-law. She used to do Easter up big with the egg hunts and huge Easter baskets. When she past away I felt it was important to continue this for the kids the way Grandma did it. Well I noticed that one of my children in particular was overly concerned with what she was getting for Easter. The next year I scaled it way back with one very small basket of candy, no egg hunt. Still one of my children seemed obsessed with what she got. This year I did nothing and my one child was not in a very good mood this morning. Even though leading up to today I was discussing what Easter meant to us. She came around during the day and before she went to bed she came to me and said this was a wonderful Easter. Hopefully she is starting to get it. Next year I want to work harder at doing meaningful things the week before Easter that will help reinforce why we celebrate Easter.


At 11:17 PM , Blogger Angie said…

We do a few gifts for Easter and candy, but the kids know (at least I think they do, since we don't talk about the Easter Bunny and we specifically talk about having picked up Easter gifts for them) that the things are from us. We hid the baskets so they had to look for them when they got up (something my Mom always did at our house), and that was fun, but we didn't do an Easter egg hunt or anything like that.

My kids know that Easter is about Jesus rising from the dead, and most of our morning was spent getting ready for church, going to the Mass, and then visiting with two of their great-grandmas that are in the same nursing home while we were still all dressed up. :)


At 6:13 PM , Blogger littlerad said…

I love the way you have seperated Ester from the bunnie...
We were mormon up until just under 4 years ago, and we all ways did the bunnie thing, we are now working very hard in letting are kids now that Easter is about the risn christ not the easter bunny...
Thank you...

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