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It says here , in a post on "How Not to Be a Lazy Housewife", that the beginning of the day is the most important. She writes:

Rise and shine: Seriously, when you first rise be sure to find a way to shine. Instead of getting on the computer in your bathrobe or sitting in front of the TV - take a shower and dress as though you are expecting guests. You don't need to dress to the nines, but at least be clean and presentable. This is vitally important, because doing this will keep you in a great mood all day.

Move: before you shower, do something ritual such as a five minute stretch routine. Light a candle or do it with a cup of coffee. It's a simple thing that will make you feel like a million bucks all day.

I have to admit that I sit around in my bathrobe quite a bit and don't get the things done that I need to. I think if I started my day more energetically, doing some exercises and stretching, and then showering, rather than checking Twitter or my blog, that I'd feel better.

When did we let computers take a hold of our lives?

Besides, I'm getting to the age where my bad posture really matters! I'm always getting backaches because I slouch. And my knees are horrible. And I need to stretch! So I think, from now on, I'm going to try to start the day right, and get dressed and shower first, then read my Bible, and then check my computer.

That's a hard sell, but I think I can do it. What about you?

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At 8:47 AM , Blogger ~Tami said…

Sounds good to me!


At 9:03 AM , Blogger Chele said…

Oh this hit just right! I was just thinking this morning how I need to figure out how to get myself moving. Very lazy this morning (really I am every morning!)but I want a change. I have to agree about the computer thing! It's exactly what I do every morning! Maybe it's time for a change! Thanks for posting this!


At 9:36 AM , Blogger Our Family said…

Wow! I have been thinking about this alot lately! I really need to get my priorities in line and do my Bible/quite time first. I also like the idea of getting dressed immediately too. I do this during the school year, but when I am out for summer I can honestly stay in my PJs all day sometimes! Thanks for posting this! Now I just need to do it!


At 10:05 AM , Anonymous Bekah Ferguson said…

I almost always check my email before getting dressed in the morning. haha But it works for me. I check my messages, have breakfast (and do my devotions whilst eating), then get dressed and go back to the computer for my daily writing projects. It works for me. :)


At 11:20 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said…

I try to exercise every morning before the kids get up, then I make them breakfast and then get showered while they eat. I will say that on the days I get up before the kids and exercise, the day does go much better, I am more productive. I don't do my Bible time in the morning though, that is done during quiet time after lunch. The hardest part is the getting up part, now I make my husband turn on the light when he gets up in the morning, which is also good him because he can get dressed in the light.


At 12:53 PM , Blogger Stacy said…

This is true! We got a dog a week ago, and every morning the first thing I do after getting up is take the dog for a walk or run (depending on how much time I have). Then I come home, take a shower, get dressed, and start my day. Its only been a week, and I'm astonished at how much more energy I have when I start my day this way.


At 4:44 PM , Blogger Amy Elizabeth Butler said…

My exercise routine was hit and miss before I met my husband. Then, I was steady but I despised it, which gave me a bad attitude all around. Now I've figured out if I get up early (6ish) and workout first, I'm not awake enough to despise it as much. By the time I'm awake enough, I'm already finished and revitalized to start the day!


At 7:44 AM , Anonymous Debbie said…

I get up nearly every morning at 5am, fixing lunch for hubby, breakfast and getting the dogs out of their kennels, feeding and etc....this keeps me pretty awake for the rest of the day, although, I really do need to get more of a excercise routine going because I think that I would feel better


At 1:52 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said…

I've been lazy all summer. I'm actually most productive when I'm working (I work for the school system) - I get up at 6 and go to bed around 10 and in between that time, I've worked, cleaned, cooked and even driven the kids to various activities. But this summer? Nada. Zilch. Squat.

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