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I'm Caffeinated!
At least according to the women at the Internet Cafe Devotions, who gave me an award in their Top 100 Christian Women's Bloggers of 2008 list! I'm in the caffeine part--I wear lots of hats and am high energy!

And speaking of that, you should have seen me today. First, I'm off the wagon and I had two Diet Cokes, after trying to quit. But it's because I had a dozen women over at my house, operating 4 sewing machines and 1 serger and about 14 pairs of scissors making cloth sanitary pads for my mom to take to Africa! It sounds corny, geeky, and a bit icky, but girls in Africa miss school and work because of their periods. They have nothing to wear. And these are so darn cute, with flannel on top and fleece on the bottom. They're adorable! We had an absolute blast. I'll post pictures tomorrow.

I also have a new winner of my monthly giveaway contest! Every month, I mail one of my books to the blog who has blogrolled me who also sends me the most new traffic. This month it's Domestic Felicity, an Israeli blogger whom I absolutely love. She chose to receive To Love, Honor and Vacuum, and I'm mailing it out to her! You can win it next month. All you have to do is blog roll me on your blog (put a link to me in your column), and then remind people to visit!

And you could be a big winner, too, on Wednesday! I'm having my blog party for Honey, I Don't Have a Headache Tonight: Help for women who want to feel more in the mood. If you buy the book on Wednesday, you'll get a ton of free stuff! And I'll be giving out prizes all over the internet! More details tomorrow.

I'm off to bed now. Nighty night! Hope I can sleep with all that Diet Coke in my system...

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To Love, Honor and Vacuum

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At 12:47 AM , Blogger Blissful Nikki said…

what a totally fun award! I dont drink caffine, but I used to, and I could never sleep with diet coke in my system! hehe I hope you get a good nights rest! :)


At 5:21 AM , Blogger Mrs. Anna T said…

Thanks again! I didn't even know you were hosting a giveaway so it was a lovely surprise. :o)

Good job on making those sanitary pads. I'm thinking of switching to cloth pads myself, would go easier on the amount of produced waste.


At 2:55 PM , Blogger Laura said…

Congrats, how fun!

Also, thanks to you, I'm switching to cloth as well... sanitary products are EXPENSIVE!! And every little bit helps.

My new life motto is, "If my grandma could do it, so can I!" ;)

By the way, I know a lot of crafty ladies. Is there any way to get in on your sanitary-pad-making venture? It would sure be a fun ladies' event for my home group! Any info would be great!

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