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Merry Chistmas vs. Season's Greetings
I haven't actually done much Christmas shopping yet. I don't have much to buy, because I've decided not to get much for the adults in our lives this year, so I can afford to wait a bit.

But last night I was shopping for regular things--some office supplies, drug store stuff, etc. Thus I was at the mall with all the crazed people.

And I counted how many times I heard or saw "Happy Holidays". It vastly outnumbered "Merry Christmas". And whenever anyone said Happy Holidays, I said Merry Christmas back, really loudly.

I've never understood why people want to pretend it's not Christmas. After all, in this same mall was a line up to see Santa that would rival Disneyworld. Santa is a big deal, and Santa comes at--what's the name of that holiday again?--oh, yeah. Christmas.

Now we don't do Santa because I always thought it took away from the central message, and Santa defies the laws of physics anyway. But let's face it: people who see Santa do so because they're celebrating Christmas.

And the songs are getting silly, too. I check out the Christmas CDs at the counters of all these stores, and not one had a genuine carol. But increasingly they're even getting rid of ones that mention the word Christmas, in favour of "Winter" songs. If we're going to celebrate a season, we should celebrate summer, not winter. It makes no sense, unless it's a vast plot to cover up the fact that it's Christmas.

But why do stores participate in it? The reason sales go up this time of year is because we're all buying Christmas presents. So why are they so scared to acknowledge that? Those who don't celebrate Christmas aren't shopping much, anyway. Why don't they reach out to those who do? And who do they think buys all those ornaments and wreaths, anyway?

It does drive me nuts, and if you want to hear more about it, I went on a big rant for my podcast this week on how politically correct Christmas is becoming. You can listen in here.

But in the meantime, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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At 10:43 AM , Blogger Mel said…

Merry Christmas to you!! You are so correct this whole need to act as if it is not Christmas is bothersome to say the least.


At 5:09 PM , Blogger pedalpower said…

I agree. I've never understood why retailers are so happy to make money from people buying CHRISTMAS gifts to celebrate CHRISTMAS, and yet so reluctant to acknowledge that the season is all about CELEBRATING CHRISTMAS. It shouldn't be offensive to them...they are profiting big time from CHRISTMAS. I still say Merry Christmas in my shop.....I'm sure not everyone who comes in is a Christian but they, of course, realize that that this is the season.

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