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Last week I flew down to Sonoma, California, for a professional development conference with my agent. We learned tons about marketing, humour, and best of all, I finished knitting two pairs of socks! Well, actually, some of the marketing information was extremely useful. But I did really need that time to knit again!

(For anyone who is interested, the pinkish socks use a short row heel, while the purply/blue ones use a traditional one. It was fun).

Anyway, another thrill was getting to meet other writers! And I didn't even realize that some of the mom bloggers that I read everyday are actually represented by my agent, too. So it was great to meet Dawn Meehan, aka mom2my6pack at Because I Said So! She has her first book coming out in April, and is she excited! I remember how that felt.

I also met up with Tricia Goyer, whom I've known online for quite a while, too. Tricia twitters. A lot. And she writes great books!

Here I'm standing with Tricia.

And here I am with Dawn and Tricia. I have to say Dawn looks way too good in this picture compared to the rest of us. I caught Dawn several times in the bathroom phoning home, finding out how her husband was doing with six kids by himself. But in pictures she looks all dignified. But I'm not bitter.

The worst part of the week was the jetlag. We had to drive to Syracuse the night before so we could fly within the States instead of flying out of Toronto, which is a hassle and which is more expensive. But we had to be at the Syracuse airport at 4:30 a.m., which meant getting up at 4. For a plane that was delayed an hour and a half. But I'm still not bitter.

When we finally arrived in Sonoma I was exhausted, but dinner that night didn't start until 6:30 their time (three hours behind little ole me). We went to bed early.

The next day was just hectic: full of classes, and I had to get my pictures taken by a professional photographer, and lots more stuff. So by the evening I had a migraine. A bad one. So bad I ended up throwing up, which I have not done with a headache since I was 16. By then I was a little bitter.

Now it's five days later and I still have a residual headache. And the bitterness is growing. But it was still a marvelous time, and Sonoma was beautiful! Best of all, apparently we missed freezing rain and snow while we were away. I think my kids were bitter about that one.

I'll post some more pictures of biking in the wine country, which we did one afternoon to get some fresh air and make me feel a little less like a slug. That was probably the highlight of the trip.

Now I shall go take some more Advil, and think about the wonderful weather down there...

To Love, Honor and Vacuum

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At 6:37 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said…

sounds like you have been busy.
Check out my latest post...I gave you an award


At 8:26 PM , Blogger Rhonda said…

How exciting to meet some blogger friends. I actually won a book through another blogger's giveaway that Tricia Goyer wrote.


At 8:49 PM , Blogger pedalpower said…

How nice that you got to meet with other writers. Sounds like a wonderful time.

And you're a sock knitter too! I'm working on the second sock of my second pair right now.


At 10:53 PM , Blogger Valerie aka Mamalovelock said…

Wow, I am totally impressed by the knitting. Those socks are great!! I have subscribed to your podcast and I am enjoying it. I love reading your blog. Thanks for being an inspiration.

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