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Do You Really Want All Your Classmates to be Female?
Thanks for all the thoughtful comments on the university post, and for the emails.

I've been thinking more about university over the last few days, and one thing that I can't get over is how feminized they've become, especially the Christian universities. I found one program I really liked that combined missions and classical liberal arts, but the program was 74% female. Do I really want to send my daughters to a place that is 74% female, right at the time of their lives when they should be meeting potential mates?

I know that's a crass way of looking at education, but I can't quite get past it. Especially since many educated girls don't even use their education (I didn't particularly), but use university as a way to get more life experience and meet people. If the main people you meet are female, is that a good thing?

I saw this comment on a blog post about the dearth of males at university, and I thought it was spot on--if you have boys:

1. If you plan to attend college, save your money unless you are planning to major in something useful and pratical. That means a business/finance/accounting field, hard sciences or engineering or the professions. Otherwise, IMHO, you are better off investing that 70K or more for tuition in a home downpayment or in another value-added investment. I would also recommend the skilled trades; we do not produce near enough people who can build, repair or make things. Some of these folks make an excellent living to boot. If you insist on attending college, please consider a community college - they are often better than their more expensive, four-year counterparts, and offer a chance to reality-test your plans before committing to them fully. Lastly, I would recommend the military. I know I’d have grown up a lot quicker and better if I’d joined up as an 18-year old. I tried to join much later, but by then it was too late for me (too old). The military has very generous educational benefits, and often will send you to school FT after you have proven your worth to the service. I know a number of healthcare professionals, for example, who have receieved full-ride scholarships for getting advanced degrees in anesthesia, medicine, etc. Also, highly skilled professions such as aviation draw many of their best people from the military, whose eqpt and opportunities for training are unavailable elsewhere, except at much greater cost.

Unfortunately, girls are less likely to want to do skilled trades or go into the military. So what are we left with? An increasingly gender segregated society for people in their late teens and early twenties. I guess we're left with the local church as the place where Christians can meet, which means that we need much better College & Careers programs.

I know I should just leave my children's futures to God and not worry about it, but I do think about these things. I want to be responsible and steer them in the right direction, though ultimately it's their choice. What do you think?

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At 4:09 PM , Blogger Catherine R. said…

I would just encourage you that if you or your children do decide that university is not necessary, be not afraid. I think this topic is actually a test of our faith sometimes as believers.

There are good, smart, high quality people out there who have made the informed decision not to go to college. I don't know if this is a realistic option in your mind but I have thought about this in great length and I support people, particularly women, who are choosing not to take part.

The evidence and statistics are very hard to ignore. The fact that women have beaten men into submission is seen in the university sphere, you look around the class and you see nothing but females. Many men have basically given up and women are over "educated" which is to say, they are usually just brainwashed at school. This adds to the population of "superior" females that outnumber males.

I know far more women who are single than men, incidentally. Oh my goodness, I could go on forever. Maybe I ought to write on this topic on my blog again.

My prayers are with you Sheila.


At 12:03 AM , Blogger pedalpower said…

I don't think university is necessarily needed...but some kind of preparation is needed.

I have a son in a trades apprenticeship after which he will be able to earn a good living and support a family. My daughter just left for college (yikes! my baby's at college!). I want her to know she can support herself if she needs to.

Things happen-I have one friend whose husband died and she is now supporting her kids. My sister didn't meet the right man to marry until she was in her she's staying home with her little boy, but until she married she had to support herself. You never know if you will need to earn a living. It doesn't have to be four year niece just graduated from cosmetology school. It was quicker and she will be able to support herself if necessary. My other niece did a three year program and is now a dental lab technician.

I'm praying that my son and daughter will both still go to church. I heard my daughter discussing with my son's girlfriend (she's at the same uni) about going to a church with a good college age program. They have good foundations, but I don't want them to drift while in college. My son met his girl in church while growing up... but if he didn't have a girlfriend he wouldn't meet many girls on the constructions sites where he works.

I understand your worries. I'm trying so hard to remember that this is the time for me to step back and let them try their wings. We've tried to give them a good base and they have a personal relationship with God. And of course we're here if they need us.

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