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Do you ever have those days when you just seem to bug your husband? And he bugs you? And you don't mean to, but you get into this rut.

Yesterday the family went with the youth group of our church to Canada's Wonderland, a huge theme park with roller coasters, splash park, and rides galore. My brother-in-law and his kids came along, as did my cousin, which gave us a great chance to connect.

But the weather forecast for yesterday was abysmal. 80% chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon, 60% in the evening, lots of wind, etc. etc.

And we had to go. We had a group rate good only for yesterday, and we'd rented a bus.

So as I was going to sleep Friday night, I'm thinking of all the different permutations of things that could happen. Which rides will shut in the rain? Which will remain open? Can you go in the splash park if it's raining, but no lightning? And what should we bring with us to prepare for the rain? What shoes are best in the rain? What about umbrellas?

Needless to say, I dreamt about rain.

When I woke up, I bounded out of bed, and started to pack separate bags for everybody, since I didn't know if the girls would be splitting up to go with their own groups. We have these tiny micro-fibre towels, about as big as a tea towel, that can hold 40 times their weight in water. They're out outback camping towels, so I made sure everyone had one of those, rather than carrying around a cumbersome one. I yelled at Katie three times not to wear her flip flops. I supervised the wrapping of the raincoats into as small a package as possible.

And then Keith decided to get out of bed. And he asked what we were having for breakfast.

I was not amused.

Then, five minutes before we had to leave, he asked if I had cut up fruit and vegetables for the bus so the kids didn't eat junk all day. I gave him that look, but I went downstairs and started cutting some up.

At that point he came into the kitchen and asked what I was doing because we were going to be late. More looks.

Needless to say, by the time we were walking around the sunny park (it never did rain; good thing I had all those raincoats), I was not in a good mood towards my husband.

And then my brother-in-law said an interesting thing. I don't even remember what I said to Keith; it wasn't anything major. But Kurt turned and said, "Okay, Keith, I'm writing this down. What do you say to that? You're the master. You're the marriage king. You guys are the rock we all look up to."

Throughout the day he repeated that. We are what gives Kurt hope that a good marriage is possible.

Kurt's marriage fell apart last year, not of his doing. One other brother-in-law is also divorced. And that's the way he sees us. We are the rock.

So I decided I really shouldn't get so mad about the vegetables. You never know what kind of an impact just living out proper family life can have. It was very humbling. And I took a deep breath and started holding Keith's hand again.

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At 4:37 PM , Blogger Julie said…

Rock On!

I am convicted, and inspired.


At 12:26 PM , Blogger Mrs. Querido said…

That so sounds like my husband and! I usually find out later that I assumed wrong intentions on his part and he meant something totally different than how it came out.

Good for you! I have to constantly remind myself..what is of eternal importance?


At 2:39 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said…

I have a similar situation with a few of our friends. I still have others I look up to, but I'm grateful that I can also be a good example.

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