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Holding Out for a Hero
Over at the Gates of Vienna, they're talking about a rape of a Belgian woman by a group of Muslim men because she wasn't wearing a hijab. That's right. Muslims, who make up a huge proportion of Brussels, are now trying to impose their standards on women.

Here's what happened:

A 21 year old woman was pushed against an ATM machine in the Brussels South
station by two young men and raped last week. According to the victim, at least three travelers passed by, but nobody tried to help her.

Around 9pm Lola arrived at the South station in a train from Waterloo. She walked over to an ATM when suddenly tow you men asked her in a threatening tone why she didn't wear a headscarf as she should.

"You must know: my daughter has blond hair and blue eyes, that is wholly not a North-African appearance. It was the way of those two men simply to intimidate her, so that it would be easier for them to then abuse her," says Marc, Lola's father.

The father later said:

"Nobody had the courage to save my daughter out of the clutches of the duo,"
continued father Marc with rage. "According to Lola nonetheless certainly three men passed by, but nobody even got ready to stop. At 9pm at this time of year it's still far from dark and the South Station is is certainly not yet abandoned. Why did everybody leave my daughter to her fate?"

And in the Muslim mentality, men's sexuality is the woman's fault. She is provoking him, which is why she needs to wear the hijab. It's exactly the opposite of Jesus, who put the blame right at men's feet and told them it was better to pluck out an eye than to lust.

Anyway, the discussion in the comments started off with the observation that Belgian women only had freedom because the Belgian men agreed. Now Muslim men have taken over, and the women don't have freedom anymore. What the women really need is for the Belgian men to stand up for them again and protect them.

The problem is that women have been complaining about men acting like men and doing anything chivalrous for so long that men now don't feel the need to.

So we can't rely on men anymore because we blame them when they act aggressive, or when they try to protect us, because we say they're being patronizing. It's fine to say that when you don't need protection, but now that we do, it's too late. Feminism has written his own demise. Do these women think that they're going to be free once Muslims are the majority demographically in Europe?

Anyway, here's a quotation from a commenter:

If you want heroes, you'd damn well better start rewarding men for acting like them instead of punishing every last bit of functionally aggressive male behavior. Learn how to respect men who will not tolerate the abuse of women. Overly protective? Yeah, just maybe. Paternalistic? Perhaps, to a fault. Chauvinistic? Nope, just chivalrous.

And another:

If you want an instinctual response, you must first create the conditions for instinctual response.

We have taught Western Men not to act for about 40 years, and now complain that we get exactly what we taught them.

Gare du Midi is not unique. Virginia Tech, and many other situations in the US come to mind.

I think that's exactly right. Do you remember Virginia Tech, when nobody fought back except an elderly Holocaust surviving professor, even when the guy was reloading? Throw your keys at him, throw your coffee at him, throw your chair at him! You're not going to end up any more dead than you would have had you just sat there.

It scares me. I grew up as a feminist, though I'm not one now. I grew to hate it when men thought that I needed doors held open for me, or my arm taken when we were walking on a street. Now I'm glad my husband is around to play protector. That's what he was meant to do.

Unfortunately, that breed is rapidly dying, because our society has killed true masculinity. It's scary, and it really saddens me.

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At 7:29 AM , Blogger Terry said…

Amen, Sheila!


At 10:57 AM , Blogger Mrs. Querido said…

I think that also, people just don't want to get involved. Selfishness has been exalted to an ideal. People are also too busy to notice. No one looks out for anyone but themselves any more. It's an unwelcome sign of the times. That poor girl, if only someone had stopped---they wouldn't have even had to fight off the attackers. The attackers probably would have fled if someone had stopped. Even if you had to fight off the attackers, could you live with yourself if you didn't?!

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