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More Thoughts on Mother's Day
Thanks for all your comments on my Mother's Day post!

I just thought, though, that maybe I was too harsh. I may have given the impression that my husband isn't good to me on Mother's Day, which isn't true. I arrived home today from my road trip to find flowers and a card and chocolates, and (and this is the best part), he and the kids had cleaned up the entire house! So he is amazing.

It's just that the kids don't necessarily get me anything unless he arranges it, and he doesn't always think of it. He does stuff for me himself, but I'd sort of like stuff from the kids. Of course, that's not really his fault. They're at the age where they could figure it out for themselves, too.

In fact, maybe I'm being too passive aggressive. If I want something, maybe I should just tell them? Do you think? Instead of just complaining when I don't get what I want? It's not really fair to expect people to read my mind.

So I shall tell the girls tomorrow morning that I expect something on Sunday. We're taking my niece out shopping all day anyway, so they have a chance to get something. And then it's not Keith's problem anymore.



At 11:29 PM , Anonymous Amy said…

Fair is fair:
After I left my snarky little comment, my husband casually commented that he was nervous about whether or not I would like my gift.



At 11:50 PM , Blogger Tracye said…

I tend to agree with you. I think the men should take the kids, and steer them towards the shoe department!

Or towards the spa for a gift card!

My friends and I have talked about this before. Their husbands also drop the ball on Mother's Day.


At 1:15 PM , Blogger Crazy Lady Cheryl said…

I actually am not one who enjoys Mother's Day. Or rather...if my family planned ahead, it might change things, but I hate the last minute, "I gotta get Mom something" attitude. I'd rather have NOTHING than something that was chosen with no forethought...

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