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It's My Birthday!
I'm not 40 yet. Yet. But it's getting closer. Now it's just two years away, and I'm starting to feel it.

I don't mind really. I'm actually quite happy with my life. I feel like I've accomplished a lot of my goals, and I love my family. I'm always aware that I only have eight years before both girls have left home, so by the time they leave I'll still be young enough to do a lot with my speaking and writing ministry. I don't have to do it all at once.

But I am glad I had my children relatively young. Not as young as some of you, I'm sure, but I was 24 when Rebecca was born, 26 with Christopher and 27 with Katie. It's not bad looking after kids in your twenties, when you're used to living in rotten apartments and not really having nice stuff.

In some ways, I think it would be harder once you've already bought a nice house, and you're used to eating out a lot and spending money on nice things, and then go down to only one income. We never had much of anything, so it wasn't a big transition to make.

Now we've got the house, and the cars, and the furniture, but it's taken a while in coming, and that's fine.

Many of my friends from university became established in their careers before they had kids, so their children are about 8-10 years younger than mine. It's a whole different world. I feel like I'm still young enough that my older daughter's friends like me. And when they were little, I still had a lot of energy.

Speaking of energy, I've decided what I want to do for my birthday. I was out speaking this weekend at a women's retreat up near Ottawa, and I drove the back way. I saw hawks and beavers and deer, and it was lovely. So I've decided I want to take a long bike ride with the family on some of those back roads. Get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors. It's a beautiful day up here, as long as you don't mind the mosquitoes!



At 9:34 AM , Blogger ~Tami said…

Happy Birthday


At 10:22 AM , Blogger Donnetta (momrn2) said…

Happy Birthday to YOU! :-)


At 1:32 PM , Blogger Mom2Mom Ministry said…

girl, i just turned 43. yikes! like only our moms are supposed to be that old. because of the life place we are in so many of our friends are younger than us. we started our family a little late. our first son was born when i was 32. then son 2, son 3 and daughter 4 all in the course of age 32-39 for me. we do pregnancy well! 40 wasn't hard for me. 43, for some reason just seemed a little too close to 50. i mean, who's 50??????


At 1:33 PM , Blogger Barb, sfo said…

Happy birthday, you youngster! I'm knocking on the door of 43 myself :)


At 1:33 PM , Blogger Mom2Mom Ministry said…

oh, that was me above, but i blog at our mom2mom ministry at church is going to begin a blog and that's whats showing up here. christi designed my homeschooler blog too. go check it out if you have time.


At 5:42 PM , Blogger Alicia said…

Hi Sheila! I am so glad I found you blog, I saw you commented on my mother in law Paula's so I wanted to visit you!! Great post, I think having kids young is great! I still dont have any, waiting on Gods time, but my hubby and I would love to be young with kids, and yep we are in an apartment too!! I hope you have a very happy birthday, may you be blessed abundantly!


At 9:48 PM , Blogger Org Junkie said…

Happy Birthday Sheila! I'm only a year behind you :)


At 6:42 AM , Blogger D-Ann said…

Happy Birthday

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