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Works for Me Wednesday: Kids Cooking!
I have an easy thing that Works for Me.

It's called: having my kids make breakfast so I can blog.

Isn't that brilliant?

Mind you, it works a lot better now that my kids are 13 & 10, but they started making their own breakfasts a few years ago. They used to just do cereal and toast, but now they can do omelettes, or pancakes, even from scratch.

Today it was French toast. Becca didn't want me to take the picture, but you get the idea.

They're really not too bad at cooking. Rebecca can make spaghetti and chicken pie and a few other things for dinner, too. Katie is learning with breakfasts.

Now if only I can get them to clean up the counters...

But I think it's great for kids to know how to cook, and they do like learning. I don't think we as parents should do everything for the kids. Think about what life was like a century ago; most 11-year-olds could run a household easily. So why not ask our older ones to make our lives a little easier every now and then and cook?

Tonight it's Becca's turn for dinner, too. She cooks once a week as part of her chore schedule. So we're having baked potatoes, with bacon and lots of topings. She'll like it because she had her braces tightened yesterday and potatoes are easy to eat! But they're not hard to make, and it makes her feel great to know that she can cook something for the family.

So that's what works for me. Head on over to Rocks in My Dryer to see what works for other people!

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At 4:52 PM , Blogger Edi said…

I've been actively working on getting my dd to make more things - and I'm printing them out in larger print and modifying some directions to make things easier.

I'm also concentrating on one or two things at a time. Lately she's been learning to bake cornbread by herself. First she does it with me, then with me supervising and then mostly on her own (with me just taking it out of the oven). We make it about once a week - so lots of practice for her to "master" cornbread :)


At 9:34 AM , Blogger Tara said…

My four year old likes to make his three year old brother and me breakfast. Do pop tarts count? LOL. He loves to cook anyway and those are easy enough that he can do them himself. What do I do while he does that? Blog.

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