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Tomorrow morning I'm speaking at a church moms' group, and it should be a great opportunity.

It's not a large group, but it's local, and I don't have to drive far, which is nice. I seem to spend my life in cars driving to speaking engagements these days.

Anyway, what I want to focus on is "what are you preparing your kids for?". So often we focus on getting through today--making sure the kids don't beat each other up, tear the cat's fur out, set anything on fire, or run out of the house naked.

So our lives are spent trying to avoid the small fires. We'll do whatever we can to keep them busy--put them in front of video games; let them watch the TV; or separate the siblings constantly so they don't fight, instead of focusing on how to help them work things out.

I think what helps is a bit of a mind-switch: we need to realize that we are raising families, not children. Your kids will not always be kids. One day they will be adults. And the kind of adults they will be depends upon how you raise them now. Focus on the future.

I like to say that the best gift you can give your future daughter-in-law is a son who cleans toilets. He will be a catch indeed! And if he can make a lasagna, too, she'll be in heaven.

So do your kids have a chance to learn necessary skills? Are you teaching them delayed gratification, or do you focus more on distraction if they get miserable? Are they forced to get along with their siblings, or do you let them watch television in their own rooms? Do your kids know how to handle money? Even a 4-year-old can be taught the importance of saving for something.

Anyway, that's the theme of what I'll be saying. We just went out now to buy Daddy a birthday present, and the girls paid with their own money that they earned. That's good. That's the way it should be. Now I have to go pack my props for tomorrow!

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At 5:40 PM , Blogger Bonnie said…

Wish I could be at that meeting ! Sounds like it will be great !! :) I discovered your site yesterday after coming over from orgjunkie's menu plan link. I had a look around, loved what I saw, added you to my google reader and this morning you've done this wonderful post. It's a great reminder to me ! Sometimes, in the daily grind, I can lose touch with what I know this parenting thing is really about ! Just what you were talking about !! Thanks !! Bonnie @ Simple Beauty


At 8:59 PM , Blogger V. said…

I agree!

I put alot of thought into how I weave the life of a seven-year-old boy into our every day.

You can look for technorati tags with 'raising the class of 2018' to find my posts or grab a cuppa your favorite tea and read along at:



At 11:08 AM , Blogger Fuschia said…

I, too wish I could be at that meeting!! Do you ever come to Florida to speak?
You've just nailed our parenting philosophy. Thank you for encouraging me to keep on!


At 1:28 PM , Blogger Crystal said…

Great post!! I agree with the other ladies, I would love to hear you speak sometime. For now, I enjoy reading your articles on blogs. I appreciate your honesty and I agree with your commitment to raising your girls in a godly home.

Crystal at My Three Ring Circus

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