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Works for Me Wednesday: Buying Bessie

Today I would like to tell you about Bessie. I don't know if that's actually her name, but that's what we call her. And I bought half of her.

Bessie is a cow. Or at least she was one. Now she is beef. I have friends who farm, and they do so without antibiotics and hormones. Unless the antibiotics are absolutely necessary. Many farmers just inject them periodically whether they need them or not!

Anyway, we routinely purchase 1/4 or 1/2 a cow whenever they are slaughtering. I know that sounds gross, but the meat tastes great. When you make up the ground beef, there's hardly any grease or liquid, because they don't add water or filling, like they often do at stores.

And it comes out to about $2.30 a pound for everything, including the Porterhouse steaks and the Prime Rib Roast!

I just tell her how I want the cow cut (divided between roasts, steaks, stew beef, ground beef, etc.). I tell her how many steaks I want vs. roasts, or ground, or whatever, and I get exactly what I want.

The only problem for me this time was that I needed to buy it now because she was killing the cow now, and I already had a lot in my freezer. So I had to madly rearrange everything. But here's what it looked like after I emptied my freezer:

Here's the rest of the meat ready to go in the freezer (there are two other bins not in this picture):

At half full, this is what it looked like. And I just noticed I really have to defrost, don't I?

And here we are, piled to the top. I couldn't even get in a package of tortillas after this. I tried.

Our family can't eat all this in a year, so we'll have to have company over a lot! And I'm giving some of the ground beef away. But it's a wonderful feeling having a full freezer. I've written down everything we have on a piece of paper to keep inventory, too.

My friend also sells chickens, which she'll have ready in November. I can't believe how much better they taste than the store bought ones. We'll have to eat through a bunch of roasts to make room!

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At 11:48 AM , Blogger Brooke said…

Mr. Right and I have been discussing doing this very thing. unfortunately right now he lives in an apartment and I live with the parents so neither one of us has freezer space.


At 1:52 PM , Blogger Anonymous said…

We have a cow, thankfully she is NOT a beef cow, but a milk cow! We did have to breed her in order to keep getting milk though. And, of course she had a bull. The kids named him STEWart, after almost choosing Whopper Jr. He was sold to a nice lady who says she keeps him on nice pasture and plays with him.That's all I need to know.I choose to think she bought him as a pet and he will roam around all of his natural days.

I also have grass fed beef in our freezer. No need for further info. Isn't it a plant?

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