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Menu Planning Monday: The Eating Frenzy

It is really dumb to do a big grocery shop one week before you leave for a 10-day Alaskan cruise. Really dumb.

Nevertheless, that is what I did. So this week, we need to eat, eat, eat! No one is allowed to open a tin of anything, because those will keep. We must eat fresh! I have so much luncheon meat and bread and vegetables I don't know how we'll get through it all.

To top it all off, I had family over for dinner on Saturday, and I wasn't sure how many people were coming, so I took more out of the freezer than I needed. Some people showed up with meat, too, so I have a bunch of meat in my fridge that must be eaten.

And my husband is on call a lot this week, and I don't barbecue. So everything must go my way in order to get this mountain of food eaten! Maybe we'll have to have company...

So here goes:

Monday: Quick fry pork chops. They're easy, and they're already defrosted. The clock is ticking. I'll also try to use up the broccoli with this one. I like marinating the pork in a mango curry sauce I bought, and then serving it with Indian rice. It tastes yummy, and I find these quick fry pork things have a tendency to become tough unless you cook them slowly in liquid.

Tuesday: Steak. I still have four defrosted, and there are four of us. Works perfectly! My favourite method of doing potatoes in summer is to barbecue them in foil. I slice them really thinly, and then slice carrots really thinly. Then I mince some garlic. Now you get the foil packet ready. Lightly butter the foil, then place one layer of potatoes. Cover with a few dabs of butter and salt and pepper and a little garlic. Do a layer of carrots and potatoes and repeat. I rarely do more than 4 layers in a packet because otherwise it doesn't cook properly. These are heavenly!

Wednesday: Pork souvlaki. Again, left over from the barbecue, and we're pushing it leaving it until Wednesday. But these are vacuum sealed, so I think they'll stay fresh longer. I'll do these with rice and whatever vegetables still exist in my fridge.

Thursday: Soup leftovers. I know I'm going to have leftovers, so I'm going to have to do a soup!

Friday: Hamburgers on the barbecue.

And that's it! Then we're off to Alaska. We're taking my in-laws for their 40th anniversary while the girls are going to camp. I've never been away from the girls for two weeks before. They're excited about camp, and they've been there before, but usually I've volunteered. So this will be a new one for me!

Thanks for stopping by! Why not look around a while? I've got posts on what do with old pictures, marriage, teens, and more!

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At 9:09 AM , Blogger Sonshine said…

I have done that then leave on vacation!

The luncheon meat I would put in the freezer and save it to pull when you come back. I also would to the same for the fresh veggies...just chop them up and stick them in the freezer they will be good to use in casseroles or dishes where you would need cooked veggies. :) Also any raw meat that has been frozen and then cooked can be frozen again! :)

Anything else like open gallons of milk or eggs or anything else that just won't do well in the freezer...I would bless a neighbor with it! Just tell them that you would rather see it used up rather than wasted. :)

Anyway, your menu this week sounds yummy! I do similar grilled potatoes, matter of fact, we are having them for dinner tonight! I don't put carrots in mine and I don't use garlic in all my pouches. I have a couple of guys that like Cajun seasoning on them so that is what I do instead of the garlic. :)

Enjoy your week and your cruise!!


At 6:30 PM , Blogger Audra Krell said…

Looks like you have a great week in store! I just started freelancing for Christian magazines about a year ago and I love it. I am so excited to discover your blog. I look forward to finding out more about your books, etc. Have a wonderful trip to Alaska.


At 2:35 AM , Blogger Lee said…

You'll have a wonderful time. My husband and I have done the 10 day Alaska cruise twice, during both pregnancies, and we had a fantastic time. Take sea sickness bands though, even if you don't think you'll need them. Oh, I'm so jealous. You're going to love it.


At 12:58 PM , Anonymous Karen said…

Hope you have a wonderful trip and that your children enjoy their camp. Both my children like to go to camp - especially my daughter!

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