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Movies Revisited: Some Serious Ones are Good. Really.
Okay, all, thanks for your comments on my movie post below!

I'm glad that most of you agreed with me, but a few of you made some really good points that some serious movies are good, including Fireproof or Expelled. Absolutely.

I agree, and I've written a review of Fireproof here.

But here's my point: if you're in a movie rental store, don't ever get a movie that says that it "exposes" something. Really. Unless you have already heard about it and someone that you love and agree with has recommended it. I know Expelled was good, but most movies that claim to expose something simply are bashing traditional concepts of liberty or freedom or Christianity.

I'm not against serious movies. I'm not even against violent movies. I absolutely loved Band of Brothers, the miniseries. But if you rent a movie just based on what is said on the cover, you're in for a disappointment unless you stick to light comedies.

If, on the other hand, you've done your research, then it's fine to branch out. But be careful of movie jackets! They don't tell the whole picture.

One more thought that I should have put in that Movie Translator: If the film says, "Winner of Umpteen Gazillion Academy Awards", and those awards were given out in the last decade, on the whole you should run very quickly away. That's not a blanket statement; some Academy Award winners are worth it. But most are not. Most movies are awarded these days for being politically correct or shocking to traditional values. So do your research before you go to the movie rental store. And be careful little eyes what you see!

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