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Menu Plan Monday: Easy Week

This week I need a break. I have had The Plague to End All Plagues for the last three weeks, and while I am technially better, I am still extremely tired. So I don't want to do anything that's going to require a lot of energy this week!

That's why I'm doing easy week! Everything on my menu is easy to make; so easy, in fact, that I may make my kids cook most of it (they're 11 & 14). So here goes:

Monday: Spaghetti. You can't get much easier than that. I'm using a store bought sauce, but I'll cut up some carrots and mushrooms to throw in, along with some garlic. I'll probably make some garlic bread, too. I just mix garlic with some butter, add a spice blend, and then put it on bread and stick it in the oven. I hate buying those ready-made garlic breads from the store. I don't know what that yellow stuff is, but it isn't butter.

Tuesday: Ham and Baked Potatoes. I love ham. And I have a really easy way of making it, too. Just make some deep cuts into the ham and pour a mixture of real maple syrup and dijon mustard over the whole thing. Cover with foil and cook. You have leftovers, too, which are really handy. I usually do scalloped potatoes, but that takes too much work, so I'll just shove some baked potatoes in the oven with the ham.

Wednesday: Roast Chicken and Rice. Again, another easy meal. It doesn't sound like it, because you're making a whole chicken. But it couldn't be easier. Just stick garlic cloves in the body cavity and under the skin, cover with a spice mix, and roast. It doesn't take any time to prepare, and then you can just serve it with rice and veggies. The only thing that takes a while is making the gravy, but that's not too bad. My main aim this week is not to have to chop or cut anything, because it takes too long. So big roasts are the way to go!

Thursday: Pork Chops in the crockpot. I'm just going to mix some pork loin chops with cream of mushroom soup and onion soup mix powder, and cook in the crockpot. I'll serve with rice and more veggies, and then I'm done.

We're away this weekend, so I don't need menus for that, but watch this blog next Monday, because my menu next week will have to do with leftover ham and leftover chicken! The nice thing about roasting stuff is that you always have leftover meat, and when I'm feeling more energetic, I'll be able to make it into casseroles!

So that's my goal. Of course, it requires going to the grocery store, and I currently feel like a Mac truck ran over me. But I can make it. I think I can, I think I can.

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