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So I'm just back from vacation, and I have some living and laughing and loving to tell you about to get caught up.

First, the laughing. Never ever ever ever drink 4 Diet Cokes right before boarding an overnight flight where you have to sleep. I quit drinking Diet Pepsi this year, but I ordered some on Hawaii on vacation, and at the restaurant we went to for dinner they just kept filling it up. I did not sleep on the overnight flight, and boy was I grumpy.

I am now severely jetlagged, but hopefully I'll come around soon. The really bad part is that I remembered how much I liked Diet Pepsi. And now I have to quit all over again. So not only am I jetlagged and tired, I'm trying to stop the caffeine fix again. Never a good mix.

While I was away I watched multiple episodes of Clean House, as I blogged about earlier this week. And I came home all excited to redo my computer room! One of my main gripes about my house is that I don't really have a guest room. We have a futon in my study, which opens up to a bed, but it looks like an office with computers and papers and files everywhere. Well, tonight we went to Sears and found an awesome computer armoire that hides everything away! It holds my computer, fax, printer, files, binders, paper and CDs. I'm so excited! Best of all, we got the floor model which is 50% off. So now I get to go declutter! I'm just a happy homemaker right now.

How about some love? My interview on The Joyful Christian Wife blog is up about Honey, I Don't Have a Headache Tonight! We've been talking about that book a lot lately, but here's me being interviewed for a change. A taste:

JCW: In your experience, what is the main difference between husbands and wives and how they view intimacy?

SWG: Men make love to feel loved; women need to feel loved in order to make love! So we see intimacy as relational, whereas they see it as more physical.

Now, here's the rub: often women feel superior to men over this! We're the ones who are far deeper; they're the ones who are so superficial. All they want is the physical, whereas we want the deep connection. So we see ourselves are their moral superiors.

We need to get out of that, and realize that this is simply a difference in the way we are made! It isn't that men need relationship less; it's that they experience it in a different way. They yearn for sex essentially to feel close and intimate, whereas we yearn for emotional intimacy first. But just because the men want physical intimacy doesn't mean that it's a lesser form of intimacy, or that they're more like lizards than they are human beings.

Read the rest here!

Now, you want a peek inside my brain? I really think I have an adult form of ADD sometimes, because I have all these big plans running through my head at any one time, and it's so hard for me to focus on one thing and get it done. So here are all the things I'm thinking about right now:

- When am I going to go grocery shopping? All there is is mayo and ketchup in my fridge after our vacation.
- I want my new computer armoire!
- Wouldn't it be great to finish those socks I was knitting on the plane?
- A bubble bath would feel great right about now.
- I need to email in my book proposal that I finished yesterday.
- I think I'd like a new duvet cover. I wonder how much it would cost to make one? And how expensive would it be?
- This weekend I think I'll redo my storage room so I have room for all the stuff I'm taking out of my office.
- This weekend I think I'll redo my summer clothes after watching 27 episodes of What Not to Wear on vacation.
- This weekend I think I'll write three columns and get ahead of the game!
- This weekend I think I'll organize all my sewing stuff so it's not all over my office.
- This weekend I think I'll sleep.

I wonder what will win?

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To Love, Honor and Vacuum

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At 12:46 AM , Blogger The Lee Family said…

Welcome home!

Your brain sounds like mine - and I'm not ADD! Too much to do, too little time.... time to make a priority list


At 3:42 AM , Blogger Mrs. Querido said…

I think sleeping is going to win :) LOL..only because I know that is what would win with me..sleep deprived mother of three under the age of six!

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