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My husband and I have been watching the movie Dan in Real Life in half hour stints over the last few nights. We've had to get to bed early lately because we've got a lot on this week, so I still haven't seen the ending. And it's killing me, because I really like the movie!

Anyway, the bulk of it takes place at a family reunion for a week at this rambling old farmhouse near the water. You've got the grandparents, about four kids and their respective significant others, and then all the grandkids. It's a whole pile of people.

But what's so charming about the movie is what they do. No televisions are anywhere to be seen. No TVs. And here's what the movie shows:

A contest between the females and males to complete the newspaper crossword puzzle first.

A big game of charades.

A game of touch football.

Aerobics on the lawn in the morning.


Learning to knit.

Doing crafts.

Playing hide and seek (everyone, even the adults).

And lots more! Remember, I haven't finished the movie yet.

It just leaves you feeling yearning for some of that family time. My extended family wouldn't really be into all of those things, but my kids would. I wonder why we don't do these things anymore!

Next time I have everyone together I'm going to make us play charades. They'll complain, sure, but it's a family thing that everyone will remember and laugh at!

What about you? What do you do for fun? And why do you think we've lost these traditions?

To Love, Honor and Vacuum

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At 6:36 PM , Blogger pedalpower said…

LOL you are describing our family vacations....we all go to a lake cottage that has been handed down through the family. We have it for half the summer and we all try to be there as much as possible. There are currently 3 generations up there at a time, and we have the best time doing the kinds of things you describe. What makes it work? Despite the availability of TV up there, we refuse to have one in the cottage. Even the most cynical teenager comes around within a couple of days and enjoys doing the goofy, fun stuff.


At 11:39 AM , Blogger Megan said…

Sheila - TV recently became a major gripe for me. We haven't had television in our house for years (we have a TV set, but we just watch dvds). We never made a conscious or deliberate decision to cut it out of our lives -- we chose during the second year of our marriage not to pay for cable, and we just never picked it up again. Whether or not someone has television is pretty much a non-issue for me. But we're hosting Thanksgiving this year, and my husband's brother just told him that he and his wife and daughter will be leaving right after lunch so that he won't miss too much football. Seriously?!

My husband and I enjoy football. In fact, I have a fantasy football team for kicks. This is the first year since we've been grad students that we haven't gone to almost all of the home games at our university. So I understand the appeal of sitting back and watching some games on TV. But to drive an hour and a half, eat for an hour, and then take off just to watch some football???? What on earth happened to family time?!

Thanks for letting me vent all over your comment section.

To actually answer the questions you posed -- for fun in my house we generally play Cranium, Settlers, Pinochle, Blokus, Roleplaying games, and listen to Old Time Radio shows. We also go camping a lot in the summer and play outdoor games, like ladderball.

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