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It's Monday again, and I have no idea what I want to make for dinners this week. I'm just thinking this up as I go along.

I do know that I have a really busy week ahead of me. I'm hoping that the girls and I can take tennis lessons together for an hour every afternoon, because I have to get away from the computer and I have to get some sun.

Mostly because I have a series of talks I'm planning for a women's retreat that I'm speaking at in September, and I have to finish an article on how to start a church library. And I have a few columns to write!

So I'm a little focused on work. So let's try to make some easy dinners.

Monday: Venison & Beef Meatloaf. I have some ground venison I want to try, so I think I'll
make meatloaf and mix it half and half. And see how it tastes!

Tuesday: Tilapia with lemon dill sauce. That white fish has been in my freezer for over a month now. I know you're supposed to eat fish once a week, but we never seem to get to it, mostly because my family doesn't necessarily like it that much. But I think it's important! So let's give it another try.

Wednesday: Spaghetti with fresh tomatoes and fresh garlic and fresh everything. And garlic bread with more freshness. Lots of freshness. Why not raid the farmer's market for the best tomatoes and then have my meatless meal? Sounds like a good idea to me! I just dice several tomatoes really small, and add to some sauteeing garlic and onions. Then I just simmer for about half an hour so that it reduces a bit. You can add tomato paste, too, but I don't always because I just like the total fresh flavour. Add salt and pepper and toss with pasta, and it's really good. I think the whole meal costs about 60 cents a person, so it's super cheap, too.

Thursday: Emu fajitas. I have some emu in my freezer that apparently makes quite good fajitas. Never tried it, but why not? You just have to cook it in lots of liquid because it's such a low fat meat. I have fajita seasoning here, so I'll throw that on, mix with some black beans that are seasoned and some homemade salsa from those fresh tomatoes, and then add fresh peppers, and it will be yummy! Of course, my kids will eat it with just emu and lettuce and cheese. Lots of cheese. But at least I'll have some fresh vegetables!

Friday: Steaks on the Bar B Q. Oh, yeah. My favourite. Done with potatoes and carrots wrapped in tin foil and sprinkled with garlic and butter. Very yummy.

Saturday: Leftovers. There's always some leftovers sometime in the week. So we'll eat it here.

Now I'm hungry because I haven't had breakfast yet, and I want a steak. Guess I'll have to settle for yogurt and cereal!

Thanks for dropping by! Why not stay a while? I have posts on kids' temperaments, the problem with public schooling, and more!

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At 5:00 PM , Anonymous Donna said…

Your menu sounds yummy. I have never had venison. Does it taste like regular ground beef? I love your blog name! I am always vacuuming, with 3 kids under 4, it is a must everday!


At 11:47 PM , Blogger Nessa said…

Great menu plan! Venison is a favorite of mine.

I love your blog! Very cute!

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