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Works for Me Wednesday: Buying Meat Cheaply

I love a bargain. And I love to eat! So I try to get my meat on sale.

I've already posted about the half a cow we recently purchased, totally stuffing my freezer.

But even though my freezer is stuffed to the gills, I can't seem to resist when I see chicken or other meats that we eat on sale. So, for instance, a few weeks ago I came home with a ton of meat that had just been "reduced".

A few weeks ago I came home with several bag fulls of meat that it took forever to find room for. We had to rearrange the two freezers (one stand alone, and one on our fridge) four times before we could jam it all in there, because I refuse to throw anything out!

The reduced meat is a good buy. It really is. And our grocery store tends to reduce everything around 9:00 on a Tuesday morning, so if you get there at that time you have your choice of chicken!

But now I'm facing a dilemma. Friends of mine have been raising chickens: hormone free, antibiotic free, corn fed chickens. And they're mighty good. They'll be ready to head to the freezer in about three weeks.

Where am I going to put them? What with Bessie the cow and all this meat on sale, I'm overflowing!

My conclusion? It's great to get good buys. It's great to get stuff on sale. We should avoid paying full price at all costs. But there's a time to say no. There's a time when you just have too much.

If we were to eat nonstop for a year we'd barely get through our freezer! So we'll have to entertain an awful lot this year to get rid of all of this stuff! I hope I'm up for it.

My advice? Get a freezer. It's a great thing! But keep track of what's in there, and avoid the sales when it's getting too full. After all, there will always be more sales. But there won't always be room!
To Love, Honor and Vacuum

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At 11:44 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said…

In early July my MIL came out to visit and bought $500 worth of meat (not on sale) for our chest freezer because we've been having a hard time financially. It actually only lasted about two months! When I see meat on sale I buy $10 worth, because that's usually all I can afford. But it also seems to keep the balance going in the freezer. So I buy on sale, but I buy in moderation. But isn't it strange that its takes money to save money?


At 3:07 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said…

I love that sale in the morning. Looks like you shop at Superstore so you must be a fellow Canadian. People actually line up in the morning at ours to get the good deals. I recently found a butcher shop that gives us tonnes of free meat. We buy a $50 box and he tosses in double that. I love your blog and I have quite a bit of reading to do.


At 1:49 AM , Blogger Tara said…

Wow you are stocked!!!! Ok that's it we are buying a freezer lol

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