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Every now and then I come across a news article which gets my blood boiling.

Today is one of those days. Listen to what Ahmedde-what's his name is doing in Iran to women:

Last month, Ahmadinejad presented a draft bill designed to "re-Islamicize" the status of women. He claimed that the shah had used laws inspired by "Zionist-Crusaders" to deal with women's issues.

His new law would restore men's Islamic right to divorce their wives without even informing them. Men would also be absolved from paying alimony.

In exchange, they'd be required to pay a mahrieh (a severance payment, whose amount is set in the marriage contract) to a wife they wish to divorce. But the draft law also plans a hefty government tax on the mahrieh. So a divorced woman left with no alimony and no resources except her mahrieh could end up losing most of that to the government. "This text is designed to return women to the dark ages," says Sousan Tahmaspi, a spokesperson for the campaign against the law.

And remember, women don't get custody of the kids, either.

In Islam love is something that isn't encouraged; it's discouraged. How can you love someone that you essentially see as inferior to you? And there's no such thing as marital rape in Islam, either. In the Qur'an, it says that a man can "till his field" whenever he wants, which means he can have sex with her whenever he wants.

We have a female vice-presidential candidate. We have a female Secretary of State. Whatever your politics are, let's be grateful today. We are truly equal under God, and under the law, and our kids can't be taken from us. Amen.


Just reading a column by fellow Canadian David Warren, and his last paragraph seemed apt:

As I’ve argued before, the enemies of America and the West will tend to be cautious with John McCain, incautious with Barack Obama. (And with Palin behind him, they’ll be toasting McCain’s health.) It follows that a vote for McCain favours peace and stability, a vote for Obama, instability and worse.

Palin is his worst nightmare. Things are getting better and better all the time. Now let's pray they improve for Iranian women.

To Love, Honor and Vacuum

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At 10:09 AM , Blogger Tracey said…

Totally agree! Can you imagine...these middle east leaders having to host, talk to and shake hands with Palin...oh my God...they'd probably rather cut off their own balls...hey wait...that may work!


At 6:59 PM , Blogger Miss Amy Smarty said…

I know a lot of the blogosphere anti-feminist subculture are going nuts right now about Sarah Palin and how "awful" it is that she's a candidate. But would they rather see women treated like this? It makes one ponder.

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