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Meal planning is awfully tricky this week in the Gregoire household because I don't know when we'll be home! We're planning on crashing a few barbecues of some friends who have pools, and we'll likely be out of town a bit, too.

So here are a few thoughts that I have about food this week:

1. We don't eat enough fish in the summer. I try to eat it once a week the rest of the year, but in the summer, when we're camping or barbecuing, fish just doesn't work as well.

I have some whitefish in the freezer I'm going to make some time this week. I'll just marinate it in some lemon juice and oil and cover it in this yummy fish spice blend I have, and then the kids will eat it. We have some broccoli and other vegetables we have to eat up before they go bad, too, so this is probably the dinner for tonight if we don't go out.

But I can't figure out how to make fish work in the summer usually. It just doesn't cook well on the barbecue. I can grill salmon in this special grill thing I have, but what else do you do with it? Anyway, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

2. If we do stay home for an extended period this week, I want to try to barbecue a beef roast. I have one in the freezer, and we bought one of those rotisserie attachments for the barbecue where you can put the roast and then turn it every now and then.

I want to make it when it's just the four of us rather than when we have company to make sure it turns out all right! But I've been told it's one of the best ways to cook beef. Again, any thoughts would be appreciated!

3. If you've never made a vegetable medley on the barbecue, you must! We take potatoes and slice them thinly, and then take carrots and slice them thinly. Get out some tin foil and rub butter on the bottom. Then place one layer of potatoes and carrots, followed by a few dollops of butter and salt and pepper and garlic. Repeat twice, so you have three layers. Wrap up the bundle in foil and place on the barbecue. It is so yummy! We make it over the fire when we're camping, too, and it's just great.

You can also add other vegetables, but sometimes they get soggy because they don't take as long as potatoes and carrots to cook. But it's another way to make barbecued dinners at least have some veggies, if potatoes count!

4. Speaking of veggies, that's what I always bring with me to barbecues. I find that people will always eat cold veggies and dip, and if I have a lot of that first, I'm unlikely to eat more than one hot dog or hamburger. If it's bring your own meat, I try to stick to low fat chicken burgers for something different. I love hot dogs done over a fire, but that's really the only way they taste good to me. And hamburgers are kind of boring!

Anyway, that is all the food thoughts I have for the week, but I'd love advice on barbecuing any of the above things!

Thanks for stopping by, and do take a look around now that you're here. I've got tons of posts on working from home, mothering, marriage, and more!

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At 11:33 AM , Blogger Katrina said…

Have you tried cooking fish on the grill in a foil pouch like you mentioned doing the veggies? I haven't done it, but I am pretty sure that you can cook fish on the grill that way!


At 11:41 PM , Blogger Cassie said…

I hesitate to post this b/c I saw your recent post on direct sales....but I browsed through a Pampered Chef catalog yesterday and noticed a new item. It was a metal basket for using on the grill. But not like a basket with lots of open space. More like a square pot with little openings. It showed veggies and shrimp in the basket. But I wonder if you could cook a fish fillet in it as well?

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