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Menu Plan Monday: Camping Edition!
Tomorrow we're off camping for the week! I'm so excited. Six days without the phone ringing or housework to do!

Of course, I am bringing my computer. I have a magazine article due next Monday on how Christian principals can make a difference in the public school system, and then I have a ton of columns I'd like to write now, rather than during the summer, so I can get some other tasks done.

But the main point is that we'll get to relax!

I still, however, have to figure out what to pack in my cooler. so here goes!

Monday: Chicken Soup and Buns. I have leftover chicken in my fridge and I want to make some stock today before I go, anyway. I just throw the bones in with carrots and onions and celery and peppercorns, and simmer it for hours. The whole house smells yummy! So I'll do a small meal tonight, because all of us have had a bit of a stomach issue over the weekend and I don't want to make it worse!

Tuesday: Ham and Potatoes. Now we're camping! The trick is to find meals you can make either on the grill or in one pan, preferably. We camp in a trailer with a little stove with three burners, and we have a grill, but it's a pain getting three pans going at one time, and who wants to, anyway?

We also always have to be boiling water for doing dishes, and it takes a while to boil a big pan of water, so we always start that while we're eating dinner. So we don't want to use too many of the burners!

We love grilling ham after dunking it in maple syrup. It's so yummy! For potatoes, we slice them thinly, and layer them with carrots, and put generous amounts of salt and pepper and butter over each layer. Then wrap in tin foil and cook on the grill, too! They are so good. Not exactly low fat, though, with all that butter.

Wednesday: Tacos. So yummy while you're camping, too! We buy half a cow every year and get it cut the way we want it, and stick it in our freezer, and we're almost out of ground beef. I'm going to have to find another 1/4 cow walking around and get it sliced up for me pretty soon! We add cheese, red peppers, and lettuce to our tacos, so they end up being a pretty well rounded meal.

Thursday: Hamburger Helper. Not exactly glamorous, but it tastes great in the trailer! We always add tinned vegetables (it's the only time of the year I used tinned vegetables), so I feel a little more righteous about the meal.

Friday: Grilled pork chops with potatoes. We're doing that potato thing again! I have some great pork chops in the freezer just waiting to come camping!

Saturday: Hot dogs on sticks over the fire. Hey, it works. And we're having company. Hot dogs taste absolutely amazing when cooked over a fire. I don't like them generally, but I love them in the great outdoors.

Of course, our weather has been beautiful for a week, but it's supposed to start getting cool tomorrow, just when we're set to go. But I refuse to think negative thoughts! We'll have a great time, play a lot of games, get some knitting done, and read some books. What could be better?

Thanks for dropping by for Menu Plan Monday! Won't you stay and look around a bit? I've got posts up on earning money from home, cuddling with kids, and tons more!

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At 10:16 AM , Blogger Niki said…

Oh I am just dying to go camping again! You are making me nostalgic and now I am gonna go call my hubby and bug him to make arrangements!



At 1:30 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said…

Mmm there is nothing better than food cooked on a camp fire.


At 8:33 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said…

I love a good fire roasted hot dog! Enjoy your vacation. :)

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