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Short Weekend Thought
Pastor Terry Jones should not have burned the Koran. That was stupid.

But he is not responsible for the massacre and beheadings of UN workers in Afghanistan. The evil barbarians (and there are no other words) who did that are the ones responsible.

I believe in Christianity, and Christ is more than able to defend Himself against any slights, real or imagined, that human beings can throw at Him. If Muslims don't think their god can defend himself, and that their god wants them to kill others brutally in his name, then they are really, really insecure about their religion.

That being said, there's no point in provoking evil, which is what Jones did. But blaming him is a whole other story, and I think the reason that the news media is blaming him is because they don't want to blame the Muslims. That seems racist, after all.

But Jones did not behead anyone, and let's not forget that. There is no equivalence.

Now, regular scheduled programming about family and marriage will resume shortly!

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At 2:37 PM , Blogger Stacey said…

Amen! I'm so sick of people trying to defend Muslims.

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