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Monday Morning Thoughts
I've had such a busy couple of weeks, and this weekend I was away with my girls at a Bible quizzing meet in Syracuse, New York (if you haven't read my account of my utmost humiliation at the hands of my Blackberry, you really should). So I thought I'd write a post with a bunch of little things that I've found interesting lately.

First, Kamille from Redeeming the Table emailed me after reading this post on Entertaining vs. Hospitality. She's written a great post on the difference, too, with lots of links to her thoughts on real hospitality. It's worth a read!

Second, the online world is far too small. Last week I posted about my daughter growing up, and how one of these days one of the boys she chats with on Facebook is going to ask her out, and it turns out that one of those boys googled me to find out what I write, and saw the post. Becca wasn't actually upset (it all ended well, and so far she's still single :) ), but I felt really stupid as a mom. I thought her friends never read my stuff (well, except the text on the Blackberry). I shall have to be more careful.

Every now and then I look at who links to this blog. I just find it interesting what other blogs out there have me in their blogroll. And I noticed last weekend that I was getting a lot of traffic from True Femininity, a blog written by a really interesting 21-year-old girl. I'm going to send her blog to my daughter, but I thought this post about cleaning one's closet was sure to motivate some of you on a Monday morning! Love the pictures. And here's an interesting take on why she wears skirts (fashionable ones, mind you). I'm not really a skirt person except in the summer, because I find it too cold in the Canadian winter, and I can't be bothered trying to track down nylons, etc. I do love summer skirts, though. But she brings up some interesting points, and perhaps we all do need to get back to more feminine dressing, at least once in a while!

Want to make your blood boil? Apparently Abercrombie & Fitch is now selling push up bikini tops in sizes as small as child's 8. Remember: they wouldn't do this if mothers didn't buy them. And if this company is making this stuff, none of us should be buying anything there. Nothing at all.

Is video going to replace traditional teaching? Joanne Jacobs shows how the Khan Academy model might revolutionize schooling--at precisely the time when budgets need help. I think Khan Academy is awesome, and my kids have been learning this way for years. I think it's the future, and I like it. Learning at one's own pace is so much better, anyway. Let's make teaching closer to tutoring.

That's all I have for now! Have you read anything interesting lately? Let me know in the comments (just shorten the links, please, or it throws off my formatting!).



At 9:19 AM , Anonymous Pierre William Trudel said…

Hi Sheila. Here is a Link I think we all need to look at once in awhile.We often forget to value what we are, not what others want us to be.
This 3 minute inspirational movie shares the key differentiator between those who succeed and those who don't:
Being one`s best advice coach comes from being a good listener and a much better judge of our own thoughts.
Thanks for being there for us Sheila.
Thee Quest For Perfect Health


At 10:49 PM , Anonymous Heather said…

Thanks for the additional reason to stay away from Abercrombie & Fitch. I won't shop their because of their support for abortion. They are the parent company (I think that's what they are) for Hollister who also supports abortion. So I stay away from both (and cringe when I see people wearing their clothes to church), and will definitely not be buying anything like you describe for my daughter - thanks!

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