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Today I thought I'd offer a hodgepodge of stuff that I like from around the web for you to look at!

1. We must use our knitting powers for good, and not for evil. Take a look at these hilarious knits for men that probably were largely responsible for the acceleration in the divorce rate during the early 70s! (Warning: some language in the text, but it's mostly the pictures you're looking at!)

2. Someone had way too much time on their hands. But if your kids like gummy bears, they'll like Gummi Bear Transplants!

3. For some reason I just love this craft idea! Paint old baking tins for storage. I've asked my girls to do this for me for my birthday, so I have a place for my Bible, pencil crayons, a pen, and my journal for when I do my devotions.

4. An amazing "last sermon" by a pastor: Ten Great Lessons from Great Christian Minds, including Luther, Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, and more. Sure to cause discussion!

5. Interesting recipe for homemade liquid laundry soap. I'm actually thinking of trying this! Anyone else do it?

6. Bribery strikes out. They tried paying parents to be better parents. Didn't work.

7. This really is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. It's a video of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" with the words being the literal version of the picture on the screen. Warning: There's one really bad line. But I just can't help laughing at the rest of it. I wish they'd just left the line out (it's near the end, if you want to just watch the first three minutes).

Have anything else you want to share? Leave it in the comments!

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At 7:48 AM , Blogger Thou Art Jules said…

I've wanted to try homemade laundry detergent as it seems like I do dozens of loads each week! I should try it (or you should) and post the step by steps on our blogs :-)

I also recently read an article that said that we really don't need to use as much detergent as we do. If you are like me, you actually add more than it says when we really should be using less.. If I find the article again I'll link it.


At 9:13 AM , Blogger Sheri said…

The literal videos crack me up. If you go to you tube and search for literal videos you'll find hundreds of them (although Total Eclipse of the Heart is definitely one of the best!)


At 12:17 PM , Blogger barb said…

The literal version ot a-ha's "Take on Me" was the first one I saw (and yes, a flashback to my high school years!)and remains one of my favourites.


At 5:54 PM , Blogger Jami Balmet said…

Oh that baking pan idea is sooo cute!!! I wanna try that!

And thanks for doing the women inspired conference! I've been following your blog for a while and loved getting to know you better! It was so much fun and very informative! Thanks for being so open :D

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