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Hi everybody!

Thanks for your comments and posts on Wifey Wednesday yesterday. Glad to hear so many of you can't relate to having workaholic husbands! Some of the WW posts, though, explaining how they deal with it, were really beautiful.

Saw this article in the British newspaper The Telegraph yesterday. They were trying to do an experiment using men in their 20s who had never used pornography, and couldn't find any. I have to think they didn't try very hard. Right? Right? I know pornography use is rampant, but there are some Christian boys who are withstanding, aren't there? God, we need prayer as a society.

I'm heading off to Regina tonight to speak a bunch of times this weekend. Regina in December. Sounds crazy. The organizer said that it's a balmy -10 this time of year, though, not like January when it's -40. I have to go find my winter coat.

The Swiss voted this week to ban minarets on mosques. The political class, of course, wanted to keep them; the people didn't. I'm conflicted, because I fear that any law that restricts one religion can all too easily be used against another. But I understand the Swiss' feelings. It will be interesting to watch how this one turns out. Personally, I wish that the Muslim groups would stop criticizing the Swiss, and first clean up their own act and demand that churches be allowed in Saudi Arabia and that Christian persecution be stopped.

Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story
was really a good movie (I blogged about it yesterday). Other good movies that portray faith in a positive light: Ruby Bridges. And I really liked The Ultimate Gift. Leave your own suggestions in the comments!

One of our Christmas traditions for years is to read out loud The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. It's absolutely side-splittingly hilarious, and yet it tells the Christmas story in a fresh, new way. Great for all ages, 4 and up. Even adults love it. And it's not that long; we've read it in a day. Makes great memories!

I'll be talking about simplifying Christmas this weekend. Any brilliant suggestions? I've got a bunch of my own (I'll blog about them later), but I'd love to hear yours!

Looking back on the year, I think it's been a good one for me. But I'm reminded that we rarely see that if we just look one day at a time. You've got to take the longer view to see what God is doing.

That's all for this morning. Got to go read my Bible!

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At 9:56 AM , Blogger LAURA said…

Wow. That's really sad that they weren't able to find any men in their 20s that haven't used pornography. :( It's such a tasteless, destructful thing.

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