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I'm just back from Family Camp! I spoke every morning this week to a little over 100 women. We were in our tent trailer, and while the bullfrogs kept me up at night, the week overall was marvellous, and a big encouragement!

I had posts scheduled to come up automatically this week, as you likely noticed, and I'll reply to some of the many comments soon!

For now, though, it's time for my column. Every Friday it appears in several newspapers, and this week's it's about my dash to get out the door and ready for Family Camp. Read on. Perhaps you're as neurotic as I am!

By the time you read this, I’ll be back, but right now my family is preparing to go camping. The girls are collecting the towels, bathing suits, and bug repellent, my husband is filling the coolers, and me? I’m dusting my bedroom.

If that doesn’t make sense to you, it’s because you are missing the crucial nesting gene. I have one, which may surprise most who know me, because it only manifests itself when we are preparing to leave. On a normal day I may be perfectly content living in a home with stacks of unopened mail scattered around the dining room, dust bunnies plotting a takeover of my house under my bed, and unidentifiable contents in Tupperware containers lurking near the back of my fridge.

But when we are leaving these things are absolutely out of bounds, as anyone with any self-respect would agree. Unfortunately, my husband and my children do not share the gene, and so they have the gall to become frustrated with me, and to express this frustration in unpleasant ways, when they think that I am letting them “do all the work” of packing and “holding us up” and “wasting time” instead of actually contributing to the camping cause.

Mysteriously, they fail to see how my actions contribute to a holiday. After all, what’s a holiday if you have to come home to a messy house? So as I’m collecting our clothes, I notice the dust more than I do on normal days. Or when I’m piling suitcases in the hallway I notice the floors could really use a mopping. Don’t even get me started on what happens when I go through the fridge to figure out what we need in the coolers.

By the time we actually exit our premises, then, our house is in tip top shape. And yet instead of lauding me for this spurt of high energy cleaning action, my family feels resentment because they want to “get going”. Honestly.

My husband even had the gall to inform me that one day he is going to announce a magnificent, surprise holiday, just so that I would clean the house. Then, with all the suitcases packed and all the floors sparkly, he would tell me that we’re going to stay home, because it’s so nice to live in now. I was not impressed.

Cleaning, though, is not all I do when we’re preparing to depart. I also have that compulsion to attend to all the errands I’ve been nonchalantly ignoring. I may have decided they’re not urgent for three or four weeks running, but when we’re about to leave the house for five days, they become a priority. And since I’m running to the bank, why not check out the sales at some of my favourite stores, too?

Then, of course, there’s the email I must answer, and the thank you notes I must write leftover from business engagements a few months ago. In short, whenever we go on vacation, my to-do list magically gets to-done.

Naturally this makes vacation preparedness a very stressful activity, and one might wonder if getaways were even worth it. But I know the answer to that one. It’s found in sitting around a fire, eating smores and not caring if you get marshmallow on your sweatshirt. It’s found in playing cards inside the camper when it rains. It’s found in getting up one morning and reading an entire novel just because you can. It’s found in having time to walk, hand in hand, with my husband for hours because there’s nothing else to do. Vacations are bliss. And I’m just glad that, thanks to me, coming home isn’t so bad, either.

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To Love, Honor and Vacuum

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At 5:20 PM , Blogger Mrs W said…

Lol I wouldn't like it either. I'd think you were purposely trying to make me late HAHA.


At 7:15 PM , Blogger Kimberly said…

I can't stand to come home from vacation to a dirty house. We spent 5 days camping in tents with our 9 children and assorted teen-agers. When i returned home to my spotless house, and clean sheets, and air conditioning, i knew i was in heaven.


At 10:41 AM , Blogger Nancy said…

And for goodness sake, how would you ever be able to relax and enjoy yourself on vacation when all you can think about is the mess at home? LOL! I know I couldn't!


At 5:23 PM , Blogger Jamie said…

I know exactly what you mean! I'm always afraid something will happen to me while I'm away and someone will have to come stay at my house for a spell! I don't want other people realizing how dirty we are, right?


At 2:28 PM , Blogger Sarah DeVries said…

Arrgh! My husband totally does this to me when we're supposed to be going somewhere. It drives me nuts!

We celebrated our anniversary this weekend and had two days kid-free to spend together. We decided to take a road trip and go camping, and around 2pm I suggested we get moving/packing, since we had slept in and had a lazy morning. Next thing I know, he's cutting the grass, vacuuming the pool, running to the store / bank, washing the car, and having a shower... MAN!!

We rarely really fight, but let me tell you, I was one fuming girl when we finally got in the car at 7:30pm. So much for all that romantic, kid-free time together! (Thankfully, the rest of our evening and the next day were lots of fun.)

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