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Works for Me Wednesday: Organization Sites I Love

Right now I am stressed. I have a surprise party I'm planning on Saturday, another party on Friday afternoon, and all next week I'm working with a group of 15 children from a Kenyan orphanage to put together a show that they can use on a choir tour for fundraising. It's just a lot of work!

So I have all these to-do lists in my head. And when I get overcommitted (my husband's birthday would have to come in the middle of Easter and these kids visiting), I get stressed.

I think lack of organization is the cause of most of our stress. I'm getting it under control today, but I believe that most of us, if we were more organized, and less cluttered, would also be better mothers, better wives, and better employees, because we'd be able to concentrate on what's important, rather than worrying because we don't know where stuff is or what we're supposed to be doing.

So today, on Works for Me Wednesday, I just want to point you to some resources that I have found really helpful! A couple of them are paid things, but they're really cheap and I find them worth their weight in gold!

First, my own household organization charts. They're FREE, based on my book To Love, Honor and Vacuum. And they include time management, kids' chore charts, family chore charts, and more!

Now, how about Food Storage Tips? These gals are awesome, and they help give awesome checklists and ideas for figuring out what your essentials are, developing grocery lists, and more!

The Ultimate Homeschool Moms Book, to organize everything in your life, from goal setting to menu planning and lesson planning and exercising. Really great resource, with everything you'll need from kindergarten to graduation. And it's really CHEAP!

Donna Young, with tons more organization charts and calendars, especially those you can print out yourself and make into little daytimers. Lots of fun stuff!

FitDay. Don't join up with expensive weight loss groups! You can track your exercise, food intake, calories, fat, etc. all at one FREE website. And you can set goals for yourself!

Menu Plan Monday. Writing menus early in the week for the week ahead helps cure so much aggravation later. So drop on by OrgJunkie to participate in Menu Plan Monday, or just read other people's menus! Chances are you can use theirs, and your work is done!

Dine Without Whine. Here's a way to take ALL the worry out of menu planning. They do it for you, and write up your grocery lists. It's awesome. And it's only a penny to try it for a month, so it's really risk free. They also give great tips on getting your kids to eat healthy, and specials for how to celebrate every holiday.
Dine Without Whine - A Family Friendly Weekly Menu Planner

Flylady. The grandmother of all organization sites. She keeps you on your toes, cleaning your home and organizing everything in sight! Some women swear by her, some find it overwhelming. But try it for even a little bit. The habits she starts in you will bear major dividends!

Organize Your Photos Without Losing Your Mind! Wondering what to do with all those photos you have sitting in boxes? Organize them so they tell a real story. Figure out what it's okay to throw out, what you should save, and how you should save it. Takes you through a great program for getting your mementoes in order.
Click Here!

Add your own in the comments! I'd love to see some new ones!

But seriously, girls. Let's get organized. Have a huge garage sale this spring and get rid of all the stuff you don't use. Let's get our homes decluttered and our lives decluttered, and we'll find we're much nicer to live with!

Thanks for stopping by! Please stay and look around a bit! I've got great posts on marriage, parenting, and more!

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To Love, Honor and Vacuum

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At 9:41 AM , Blogger Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said… is my professional organizing site and there is a link there to my free social network where we swap organizing tips, storage solutions, recipes, etc.

Being organized is important, I agree :-)


At 12:39 PM , Blogger Hoosier Homemade said…

Great tips! Thanks for sharing!


At 1:33 PM , Blogger shopannies said…

thanks I plan on looking at each of these


At 2:14 PM , Blogger Kirby3131 said…

Thanks for the organizational charts (I can't wait to receive them!) and I love flylady, too.

I'll have to check out the rest of the links, too! Just fabulous!


At 11:31 PM , Anonymous Jessica@MomFuse said…

Great tips! I can really use some of these! Thanks for sharing :)


At 9:51 AM , Blogger Shelly Morton, Professional Organizer said…

As a professional home organizer, I can say I'm very thankful to find your site and your blog. Huge Kudos for promoting Christian values. I do the same throughout my website and newsletter.

Thanks for keeping the "Light" on!

Shelly Morton
Professional Organizer


At 10:33 PM , Anonymous Envelope Printing said…

Being organized will definitely go a long way towards reducing the stress and disorder in our lives. We don't have to be an organizing queen who has to have everything in order. But have a system that works for you and keep stuff in order.


At 4:44 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said…

I've found that the virtual chore chart works for me. I use a site called Handipoints chore charts to make printables and it's really been fun so far!

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