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I'm at a loss again this week when it comes to planning menus. I absolutely must eat through my kitchen, because I have too much food at the moment. My freezers are so stuffed I have no room for any impulse buys on sale! Maybe that's a good thing, but right now it's distressing me.

So we must eat! But I also want to eat healthy. One of the things I'm exceedingly proud of is that lately we have eaten all the vegetables we have bought. Maybe for you that's a normal occurrence, but often I buy veggies in a health frenzy and then throw them out when they're liquefied and no longer recognizable.

What do I eat this week, then, that uses up food and eats through my veggie drawer?

Monday: Ham and Bean Soup
I have a huge leftover ham from a dinner last week. It was delicious, but I made way too much. So I'm going to make a ham and bean soup. It will use up some of my leftover ham, that's for sure! But instead of the navy beans, I'm going to use that dry soup mix stuff that's been sitting in my cupboard for ages. I really want to eat it up!

Tuesday: Chicken Casserole
I guess it's technically turkey casserole, since I'm using up leftover turkey from Christmas (that's filling up my freezer, too), but we always call it chicken casserole. I mix chicken with a bunch of rice, some leftover gravy (I save all my leftovers in the freezer. That's why it's so full). A tin of cream of something soup (whatever you have is fine), some veggies, and then add sour cream. Top with breadcrumbs and cheese. It's good!

Wednesday: Pot roast in a crockpot.
I bought extra potatoes last week by accident because my husband moved the bag of potatoes to a new place, and I didn't know we already had any. So I have to eat a lot of potatoes in the coming days! We did scalloped potatoes last week, which helped, but I think I'll make a roast with potatoes. I love roast in the crockpot; it's so tender!

Thursday: Baked Potatoes
Same reason as above. Have to eat those blasted things, and the kids like this meal! Just serve a variety of toppings: butter, sour cream, green onions, salsa, bacon, cheese. They'll get eaten quickly!

Friday: Beef & Bean soup
My leftover beef from Wednesday + more of that dry soup mix that's in the cupboard. I'm going to eat it if it kills us!

So now hopefully we'll have some more freezer room, and some of my Tupperware containers back. Do you ever buy too much food and then wonder what you were thinking?

Thanks for dropping by! Why not stay a while? I've got some great posts on marriage, parenting, housework, and more!

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At 8:07 AM , Blogger Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said…

I love the idea of having a baked potato night with various toppings- might have to steal that idea for a future menu at our house!

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