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I sent my computer away yesterday.

It had been a bad, bad computer.

It had spyware and pornography and gambling sites were popping up all over the place, along with weird search engines. So I told it had to go to the computer doctor. And it is gone.

I don't know when it will be back.

I am on my husband's computer, which is very hard to use because it doesn't know me like my computer does. It doesn't know my passwords, so I can't upload a new podcast since I can't for the life of me remember what password I chose. I can't post at a homeschooling site I'm scheduled for today. And I can't find a lesson plan that was in my computer that I'll need for this afternoon.

But I am surviving. It's tough, but we're doing okay.

The whole episode made me realize, though, how I don't use any media other than the computer. The world is changing. Newspaper revenues are dropping because we don't read them. I get all the news I need from the internet (although, thanks to the recent election I have now broken my habit of reading political blogs! I find them too depressing!).

We even get our entertainment online. My kids watch videos off of GodTube, and we listen to podcasts. The talk with each other on Facebook.

So what will happen to the world? Where will all the advertising dollars go? Online? And do you really click on any of those ads, anyway? I'm not sure I do, unless it's for a book I've been reading about.

TV shows, I think, will have had it in about five years. Everything will be online. We'll be producing our own. And that's better, because we can watch things we want to watch. I'm going to try to put more videos of my own up in the next little while, too. But I'm glad that the big media has lost its hold, because it also lost its way long ago. It's time for different voices to be heard.

And that would be a lot easier if I could just get my computer back!

What about you? Do you read newspapers? Click on those ads? I'm curious.

To Love, Honor and Vacuum

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