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Do any of you ever choose your meal plans based on what's about to go bad in your fridge?

That's what I've done this week, and it seems mildly pathetic. Why do I have this many things that are about to perish? Why can't I just eat them when I buy them, instead of buying things and then forget about them?

After all, that's what a menu plan is supposed to be for. You know what you're going to eat, so you make a grocery list based on that, and then you don't buy anything else. That way nothing goes bad!

But I always see stuff on sale. And I can't resist a bargain!

So a while ago I bought two 10-pound bags of carrots. What do you do with twenty pounds of carrots? It turns out you have to eat carrots every night. For months.

Our carrots have just about had it. So they're on the menu! So are our sad potatoes, which have disgusting eyes on them right now. They've got to go, too! Without further adieu, here is what we are eating:

Monday: Salmon. Hey, fish helps with memory, and my kids are doing tons of Bible memory this term! Of course, they hate fish. But they will eat it because I said so! I'll serve some green onions (also on their last legs) as a garnish. And some carrots. I have a yummy spice rub you just put on the fish that makes it taste great! And then add fresh lemon, and I enjoy it. Even if they don't!

Tuesday: Stew. Lots of carrots and potatoes in here! I'm doing it in the crock pot because I need to go out tomorrow afternoon to the Y, and I want dinner already cooking! I just cut up the beef, add some tomato paste, beef stock, and a bit of beer, and some pepper and a few herbs, and let it all cook. At the end I add a bit of sour cream. They key is to coat the beef in flour and herbs first and then brown it in a pan before adding it to the crockpot. And I'm throwing in some emu with it, because emu is healthy but always tastes better when it's cooked in liquid!

Wednesday: Meatloaf! I actually really enjoy meatloaf, and I'm going to make a 3-meat meatloaf this week! I have some ground venison, ground turkey, and ground beef. I'll add twice as much beef as anything else (because I actually don't like the taste of venison, but I'm hoping this hides it), and then we'll eat it with rice and--you guessed it--carrots! Mixing meats together is a good way to add a less fattening meat--say turkey--and not lose out on the taste. Family members usually don't even notice!

Thursday: Beef Pie. Rebecca's turn to cook! She likes making pies, and I have leftover beef to use up. Again, we'll add beef stock, gravy, peas, CARROTS, and whatever other vegetables are starting to look suspicious! I buy the ready made pie crusts for this. I know it's not healthy, but she's the one cooking, and I want her to get comfortable just mixing the stuff together before we have to worry about making a crust! For the inside, we literally grab any leftovers in the fridge and mix with a good gravy. Veggies, potatoes, meat, whatever. It's a great way to use them all up! And if you save bits of gravy in the freezer, you can add them together when you go to make a pie!

Friday: Company Day! So I'll make Asian Chicken Thighs. They always taste great, and company loves them!

So that's it for me! I'm just glad I got this done! I usually use Monday mornings to plan my week--my lesson plans for school, my menu plans, my grocery shopping, my errands, and today I just got off to a slow start. Didn't finish it until lunch time. But it's done!

Now to take my computer in to stop pornographic pop ups! Don't know where they came from, but I'm getting grossed out!

To Love, Honor and Vacuum

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At 4:56 PM , Blogger Tracey said…

My dad who is 85 once googled white house . com instead of gov and got a porn site...image his surprise...then he started getting all these crazy porn emails....not a good thing for mom to see. Ugghh!!


At 8:52 AM , Blogger mom knows best said…

carrot tip - I shred up carrots and add to ground beef, turkey, chicken. They disappear and stretch out the meat. Add the carrots when you add onions during browning time. I make enchiladas using ground beef, onion, garlic, carrots and canned ortega chilis and a couple TBS of the enchilada sauce to make it just a little wet.

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