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Menu Plan Monday: Creating Leftovers!

I need some serious leftovers. I have nothing left in freezer that could count as a meal. It is very depressing.

So I have decided that whatever I make this week has to do for at least two meals. With that in mind, here's what I've got planned:

Monday: Roast chicken. I know it's hot. It's really really hot. But I'm still going to do it, because I desperately need some leftover chicken. I love making soup and chicken pies, and I have to restock my tupperware in my freezer. So I shall roast a chicken, and bake some potatoes, and make some gravy, and all will be well.

I like putting garlic cloves under the skin and inside the body cavity to make it especially yummy.

Tuesday: Macaroni and cheese. Lots of macaroni and cheese. Two whole tupperware dishes full of macaroni and cheese. The only problem is that everytime I make it the kids say they like Kraft dinner better, which is very depressing. But at least I use real cheese, which makes it full of calcium! To make it, I make a basic white sauce, mixing 1/4 cup of flour and butter, and then slowly adding 2 cups of milk. To make it more low-fat, though, I use non-fat milk powder to make up the milk. If you double up on the powder it makes it creamier, and healthier! And then I add Old Cheddar and some marble cheese mixed together, and let it melt. It's good!

Wednesday: Rebecca makes spaghetti for the family. I go to Toronto to my mother's best friend's funeral. Very sad.

Thursday: Steaks on the Bar-b-q. I've been saving up beef bones from other roasts and steaks we've done, and I'm all ready to make beef broth once I have these bones, too!

Friday: I'm speaking in Toronto at the annual convention for the Baptist Women of Ontario and Quebec. It's a pretty big venue, and I'm looking forward to it! They've been promoting my book How Big Is Your Umbrella? all year, and I plan to speak from it. (If you've ever yelled stuff at God when you're going through a rough time, this book is for you! It's what we yell when life stinks, and then what God whispers back. It makes a great gift, too, for a hurting friend when you don't know what to say).

Saturday: We're getting ready to go camping the next week! So I have no idea what we'll eat, because we may not even be home. But if we are, I'm doing marinated whitefish, because I try to eat fish once a week and we haven't done it yet! The kids won't like me, but they'll be in a good mood because camping's coming, so it's a good night to squeeze it in.

Thanks for stopping by for Menu Plan Monday! Why not look around a little? I've got posts on feminism, growing older, and lots more to whet your appetite!

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At 10:15 AM , Blogger Tara said…

Popped in today from Meredith's blog. (LMS) Enjoyed your blog - jam-packed with great stuff for moms & wives!


At 12:16 PM , Blogger earthly jane said…

I so feel you on the leftovers.
I like to have leftovers because then on one day we can just have a little buffet of random stuff and I don't have to cook! Just stick it all in the microwave!


At 7:30 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said…

Too late now... but for future reference... toss your chicken iin a crockpot....season to taste. It will not be "brown" but will be tasty. You can set it on crumpled foil balls or a trivet if you want.

This will avoid the oven.


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