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Thoughts on Growing Older
And no, I am not talking about myself. I haven't hit 40 yet, and I know I have no right to complain about being old.

But my mother turned 65 this week. That was quite an accomplishment for her. Twenty two years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer. They had to cut a huge tumour out of her, and the surgeon told us to prepare for the worst.

Miraculously, it had not spread.

I was only 16 at the time, an only child to my single mother. Her death would have been devastating. Yet she lived on, has never had a recurrence, and does not dye her hair because she is thrilled to be old enough to start to go gray. She has grown to know my husband, her grandchildren love her, and at this point, no matter what happens, they will remember her vividly. That was always her prayer.

So she is very grateful.

Her birthday was last Tuesday, and her small group from church threw a great party for her, with games and quizzes galore. They all said blessings over her afterwards, just talking about what they most admire about her, and it was quite beautiful.

The thing about my mother is that she is very spiritually mature. She loves Scripture; she goes on missions trips; she is a prayer warrior; and she is very wise and intelligent. She always comes up with really unique insights into Scripture, so her small group really values her. And that is how they know her.

But she has only lived in Belleville for eight years. They don't know her from before, when she was insecure, and alone, and floundering with God. She has come such a long way because God has taken her there.

Anyway, I say all this to bring up the next story.

On Friday my mother's best friend was supposed to take her out for lunch for her birthday. But she had a massive stroke that morning, and died yesterday.

It's just very sad. Mom has been to plenty of funerals lately, but this is the first of a very close friend.

Both of my grandfathers lived to be well into their 90s, and I think the hardest part was when their friends all started to die, one by one, until they were the only ones left. They watched siblings die, and their wives, and all of their close friends.

I guess this is the beginning for my mother. One day I suppose, if we live long enough, we will all be at that stage. But I do think it must be hard.

I am glad my mother is here to celebrate 65 years, and I hope she has many more. But I think the next few decades will bring plenty of sadness, as well. I guess that just makes one yearn for heaven all the more.



At 3:32 PM , Blogger Journey of Truth said…

All you can do is live - try to live in joy for each other and for God. I'm glad she's around to be loved and to love; sorry she has lost her dearest friend. It has to be an agony to suffer such loss! I will pray God helps her through this time.


At 5:04 PM , Blogger earthly jane said…

thanks for stopping by! my blog is still pretty new, so I haven't gotten many comments yet!

I just wanted to let you know that I bought your book today
(To Love, Honor and Vacuum) I loved the title and I had to have it!


At 5:57 PM , Anonymous list mama said…

Just stopping by from orgjunkie's menu plan monday. Congratulations on all your success in writing! I would love to check out your books. I'll look for them. Thanks!



At 11:14 PM , Blogger Shellie said…

She sounds wonderful. I think about all that too, my grandparents lived long lives, and the last to go at the end said he knew more people on the other side than here.


At 10:57 PM , Blogger Carletta said…

I've always thought about growing old from the perspective of getting to see my grandchildren and hopefully great grandchildren, but I never thought about the other side of it - watching so many loved ones pass on.

I'm sorry about your mother's friend.

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