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The Toilet Paper Wars
Many families fight over toilet paper.

There's the typical: why doesn't anyone else ever change the roll fight. I seem to be the only one who ever changes anybody's roll. The girls in their bathroom will run out of toilet paper, and instead of taking the six microseconds it might take to put a new roll on the wall, they just leave it on the sink or the back of the toilet.

Then there's orientation: does it come out of the bottom, or down from the top?

My husband and I also disagree on brand. He buys the 138 rolls for $2.00, or whatever it is. I think that stuff is gross, and not worth the money because each roll has approximately 6 sheets on it. I prefer to buy the monster rolls that are also soft. They're not that much more expensive because you need fewer sheets, and there are more sheets in the roll. But we have yet to see eye to eye on that one.

There's also the scruncher and the folder problem. I'm a scruncher. When I need toilet paper, I grab a bunch, make a wad, and use it. Other people fold it. And folders are sure that the majority of plumbing problems are caused by us scrunchers making too big a wad, rather than making a nice flat surface that flushes easier.

It's amazing how much these little things can annoy us. I'm annoyed right now because we're now out of toilet paper and I have to start using Kleenex, which is softer anyway, but it did get me thinking along these lines.

What about you? What are your problems with toilet paper? Do share them so I won't feel so badly!



At 3:46 PM , Blogger All in a Day said…

I enjoyed this post. I've been reading you for quite a while now. :) There's also the toilet lid war which doesn't make sense to me...if it's up, you put it down. If it's down, you lift it up. :)


At 8:02 PM , Blogger MyShelly said…

I just wanted to let you know that I just recently found your blog and I love it!
I could have sworn you were talking about the 'toilet paper wars' in MY house!


At 12:00 PM , Blogger The Rose Family said…

If you live in some different countries, you are not even supposed to flush the tp down. It goes in a basket next to the toilet. So then you add the question of if you wrap it up or do you just throw it in there? Some don't even have "western" toilets - just a "fun" squaty potty. Thank the Lord for hand sanitizer!


At 12:46 PM , Anonymous Elaine said…

re: toilet lid. We went to an exhibit a couple of years ago called Grossology. The lady (a science teacher) mentioned that when you flush, the water kind of vaporizes into the air, taking with it everything that's IN the water.... all over your bathroom.... I am for sure now a lid CLOSER unless someone is sitting on it! (there's also the pet drinking problem)


At 7:08 PM , Blogger Sandra said…

LOL I am dying here because it sounded like something I would post. LOL

I have the same exact thoughts that you do and I too reach for the kleenex when I run out of toilet paper LOL

My husband too will buy the cheap one but I hate it, it's scratchy and rough and I prefer the 12 big thick rolls.


At 11:06 PM , Blogger Barb, sfo said…

No one else in my house knows how to install a tp roll either. I'm not sure why it is that they have concluded that Mom is the only one who can do this!


At 8:39 AM , Blogger Cherish said…

My biggest TP issue is that my husband uses sooo much of it. He wipes for #1 and #2, and he seems to use much more than I do.


At 3:32 PM , Blogger I am Joy. said…

We recently replaced our 20-year-old toilets with Kohler's Class Five models!!! We were hoping to conserve water (1.5 gallons vs. 5 gallons per flush) AND avoid back-ups. This thing is supposed to be able to handle 100 ft. of paper without clogging. We had been so pleased with the results and my MIL loved the "comfort height" (it's a little taller than the older seats)... until!... we discovered that one of our children's "waste" is well over the equivalent to 100 ft. of paper. That, or she's using WAY too much paper!... we're now eating more raisins and prunes ;o)

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