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Why I Should Not Have Been Allowed to Cut My Daughter's Hair
There are some things a parent should not be allowed to do.

I should not have been allowed to cut my kids' hair. Take a look at this from when Katie was 6:

Don't you love the uneven bangs? I could never get those right. (Sorry the picture is so bad. It's in a frame and I couldn't take a good shot with my Blackberry because it doesn't have a flash).

Here's their hair today, when we have a hairdresser. They're with their grandma, but this shows off their hair best. No raggedy ends (except the deliberate ones!)

What should you not be allowed to do?



At 10:57 AM , Blogger Mary said…

Good one, Sheila! You should have seen when I tried to give my son a "bowl" haircut, where you sort of shave the bottom and leave the top long. Ugh. I hate to think about it. But, I've gotten better over the years. Your girls' hair is LOVELY!


At 12:48 PM , Blogger Tessa said…

I hear you on the haircut thing! I've got some pretty terrible shots of my son. But I just can't get past paying $20 for a kids haircut!
And I should not be allowed to use anything sharp. Cheese knives, knives, and even sewing pins! Which doesn't bode well for me since I've started a business in sewing and my son loves grilled cheese sandwiches :D

Also, LOVE LOVE LOVE your girls' hair!! It really reaffirmed the fact that I want to grow my hair out again. And this time, instead of getting my mom to keep it trimmed, I'll get my hairdresser to do it. She'll be thrilled to see me more than once per year for my annual "someone's getting married and I need a haircut" visit lol!


At 10:14 PM , Blogger J said…

Can I claim that I should not be allowed to cook? Unfortunately, my husband doesn't buy it - despite the burned meals, the cut fingers, the burned fingers, etc. I suppose he figures the 85% of the time that it's edible is good enough to qualify me for the job!

Your daughters are beautiful, by the way!

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