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The Sad Life of the Man-Boy
I don't have much time to write today, so I want to leave you with a snippet on the death of DJ AM, born Adam Goldstein, who apparently killed himself in September.

On National Review, Amy Holmes wrote this:

But consider: He died a 36-year-old millionaire with luxury homes on both coasts. No wife. No children. The quintessential boy-man. He lived in the perpetual late-night swim of celebrity culture. The Philadelphia native successfully engineered his life to bankroll his high-flying courtships of rich, aimless celebutantes. He was written up endlessly for his cleverness in doing so, including in that high tabloid of celebrity culture, Vanity Fair. And it appears he may have ended his life last week by choice.

Is it a stretch to say that these pursuits of modern boy-manhood failed him? That male adulthood without responsibility in the traditional sense is disorienting, anchorless, and potentially fatal?

Much ink has been spilled on the damage done to the women who are embraced and then rejected by these perpetual adolescents. But what about the perpetual adolescents themselves? Does the embrace of modern boy-manhood wither, mislead, and ultimately destroy them too?

Interesting thought, isn't it? When we live completely to chase after pleasure, our lives become meaningless. Is it any wonder so many celebrities are so deeply unhappy? The pursuit of wealth and leisure, without any of the responsibility that comes from being a moral person understanding one's calling in this life, is bound to backfire. What I find truly a tragedy is how many kids emulate celebrities like these, instead of realizing that emptiness does not make a satisfying life.


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At 8:13 AM , Anonymous Pathfinder Mom said…

I strikes me as a bit irresponsible to write this article and not include the fact that Adam had been in a horrible plane crash that killed four out of six passengers one year prior to his death. While I don't really know much about him, I don't think it's fair to portray him as living a strictly charmed life while leaving out what was a horrific event. He and the other survivor were pretty severely burned and injured.

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