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Wifey Wednesday: My Marriage Links
Every Wednesday here on To Love, Honor and Vacuum we talk marriage! and I invite you all to write your own posts and then link up here in the Mcklinky, so we can share encouragement, knowledge, and even pleas for help if necessary!

Today I thought I'd share some of my links from Delicious that I've marked as marriage. You can see all of them here, but I present to you now the highlights:

Hijacking the Brain -- How Pornography Works . An excellent article detailing how the brain is actually rewired in what causes arousal when you watch pornography. Goes well with the series on pornography I did a few weeks ago!

Today's Singles: Lost in a World Without Courtship. Great opinion column by Michael Gerson on how people WANT relationships, but don't have the tools to get there anymore.

Desire in Women: Does it Lead to Sex or Result from it? I've written about this before (and my book Honey, I Don't Have a Headache is largely based on this idea). In a nutshell: we aren't like men. We don't tend to be aroused before we have sex. But if you jump in with both feet and put your head in the game, chances are your body will follow. If we wait to feel the urge, we could be waiting a really long time.

Why I Regret My Divorce. Fascinating article by a woman who divorced after a long marriage, remarried, and is now seeing how tough her life has become. Very insightful.

How to Fall Back in Love. Cute anecdote about how our feelings often follow our actions in marriage.
An Affair to Forget. Have we lost our shame when it comes to extramarital affairs?

And then, of course, I'd encourage you to read prior Wifey Wednesdays for more marriage insight!

Now, do you have some tips you'd like to share? Write your own post and link up below, or leave something in the comments! Wifey Wednesdays work better the more people participate, so link up!


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At 10:41 AM , Blogger Christie said…

Great Links. I'd like to add my posts on marriage, plus a new one.


At 11:11 AM , Blogger Shana said…

This is a little off topic but I see the link titled Does Your Husband Want You to be Like His Mother? and all I could think was Lord, please no. Sorry. I prayed and asked forgiveness for my thinking though. Anyway, thank you so much for all the links and I will be checking them out.


At 1:27 PM , Blogger e-Mom said…

Truly love the wisdom, insight, and writing of Dr. Albert Mohler. (And yesterday I noticed he has a site redesign.) Blessings!


At 12:11 AM , Blogger Kristine said…

Thank you for including these great links. When I read the article by the woman who now regrets her divorce I'm even more grateful that though my husband and I struggled through five years of separation and had filed papers we were able our marriage was able to be saved, relationship restored. Great blog, great links. Thank you!


At 9:28 PM , Blogger e-Mom said…

Finally found some time to put together a post. Hope you don't mind late-comers. Let me know if it's a problem. :~D

Thank for hosting!

Blessings, e-Mom @ Chrysalis

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