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I don't usually mention politics in this blog, but I just have to talk about something or I will just burst.

As many of you know, I am Canadian. And up here in Canada, the opposition Liberals and NDP are making a huge issue out of the fact that some prisoners that we captured in Afghanistan were ALLEGEDLY handed over to the Afghan army, where they were tortured.

I don't agree with torture, but here's what I don't get: What would the Liberals rather we do instead? We can't keep them ourselves if they're dangerous, because the Liberals are also against Guantanamo Bay like facilities. We can't release them, because they're really dangerous. And the Liberals don't want us to stay in Afghanistan. They want us to get out. Which means that the Afghan army is going to have to be looking after these prisoners anyway.

I just don't like it when people criticize something when they don't have any better ideas. Our troops are doing an amazing job in Afghanistan (I have several friends who are over there right now). They deserve our thanks, not the defense critic of our nation calling them "war criminals".

And now, an end to my political time-out. I promise not to stray too far into politics again soon!
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At 5:57 PM , Blogger BarbaraLee said…

But you are right.


At 3:16 PM , Blogger Ellen said…

I completely agree. It seems like everyone just wants to complain that we're doing "it" wrong, whatever "it" happens to be. Not constructive. Not at all.


At 9:28 PM , Blogger Tessa said…

Just read this post. It's a pet peeve of mine when stuff like this happens. Not just in politics but even in something simple like sales pitches or commercials. They tell you all the stuff the "other guy" is doing wrong but forget to tell you why they're better. I don't care what your opinion is about the other guy, I want to know why your idea or product or whatever is better.


At 7:00 PM , Anonymous iluvthetroops said…

Thanks so much for standing up for our troops! I know it means so much to them!!!

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